Easy Heidi Braids

Easy Heidi Braids is a great way to create a crown braid without any French or Dutch braiding! It also works well for shorter hair too!

My hair was a little bit dirty and I didn’t feel like dutch braiding all my hair around my head so it became the perfect opportunity for some Heidi Braids.

I think Heidi braids are so cute and, besides the most recent Fishtail Heidi Braids,  I realized I hadn’t featured a tutorial since this one with cute Sarah.

Follow the steps below to learn how to create Easy Heidi Braids!

Heidi Braids | MIssySue.com

Step 1 / Begin by separating the hair into two halves, left and right, down the back of the head.

Heidi Braid | MIssySue.com

2 / Gather the hair on the left side and begin a regular braid directly over the ear. *This placement is vital to avoiding having the bumps stick out at the end.

Heidi Braid | MIssySue.com

3 / Stretch the braid across the top of the head and gently loosen the sides to make it fuller.

Heidi Braid | MIssySue.com

4 / Pin the end down against the head so it feels secure.

Heidi Braid | MIssySue.com

5 / Repeat the same steps with the hair on the right side.

Heidi Braid | MIssySue.com

6 / Finish with hairspray to smooth down any flyaways.

Heidi Braid | MIssySue.com

Heidi Braid | MIssySue.comHeidi Braids | MissySue.com



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      Thank you, Krista! (:

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