2 Holiday Hairstyles

With all the decorating and shopping you have to do this holiday season the last thing you need to worry about is your hair.

Today I’m partnering with Aveda to share with you two holiday updos that would be perfect for that upcoming work party, new years eve or any special occasion you’re attending. Don’t let your hair fall flat during the Christmas chaos and try out one these festive, holiday hairstyles.

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Products Used:
Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo 
Aveda Texture Tonic 
Aveda Air Control Hairspray 

For the messy french twist, I’m going to grab the Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo and puff this through out my roots and then massage the powder into the scalp. My hair is a little dirty so this will help absorb excess oil and refresh my hair and it smells absolutely amazing.

Then to add some texture to my hair I’m going to spritz it with the Texture Tonic. This helps add grip to fine, silky hair and I love it because it creates a soft texture instead of being crunchy or stiff.

So then I’m just going to gather all of my hair together at the nape of my neck.

Then holding my right hand upside down, I’m going to take my pointer finger and place this on the left side of the ponytail.

Then I’m going to grab the hair with my pointer finger and thumb and twist my hand clock-wise while holding onto the hair so it twists upwards into the french twist.

Then I’m going to slide bobby pins into the left side of the twist until it feels secured against the head.

Then to set the style in place I’m going to use the Aveda air control. I love using this because it’s alight hold hairspray so it sprays on dry and has a flexible, workablehold.

For the low bun updo, I want this to have a natural texture and piecey definition, so I’m going to start by spraying it with the Texture tonic.

Then I’m going to divide out a section of hair from the part down to the ear on both the left and right side.

Then with the rest of the hair I’m going to tie it together with a hair band at the nape of my neck but on the last wrap I’m only going to pull the hair halfway through to create a loop.

Then I’m going to take the hair sticking out and wrap it over the bun, pinning it on the right side.

Then with any leftover hair I’m going to wrap this over the bun towards the left and pin it on the left side.

Now I’m going to take the hair on the right side, spray it with the air control hairspray, to give the style a light, flexible hold.

Then I’m going to twist it together before pulling on the bottom to make it fuller.

Then I’m just going to lay it over the bun and pin it it on the left side.

Then I’m going to twist the ends together, pull on the edges and lay it over the bun again pinning it on the right side.

Now I’m going to take the hair on the left side, spritz it with some hairspray to smooth down flyaways,then twist it together and pull on the edges.

Then I’m going to lay it over the bun and tuck the ends underneath the twist from the right side.

Then I’m just going to take any ends left sticking out and pin them underneath the bun.

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