Have a lovely weekend!
You’re wondeful!

Quote of the Day:
“You’re a babe and I love your everything especially that rockin’, smokin’, can’t-take-me-eyes-off-them personality.”

Yes yes yes, we all know who this is, don’t we people? If not, it’s cool, you will.eventually. I was really hesitant to copy this totally famous blogger (she’s famous to me okay, her baby making is practically celebrity status). Of course because of this I was so stressed out about posting this that the only way I could do it was to cut off her dang cute head. And mine to make it equal. This is a clothes focused project ladies. How’d I do. Again, I wish I’d used a lighter colored sweater and I do have white knee-high socks so I’ll wear those next time. My boots are Franco Sartos, knee-high socks from Topshop, skirt/sweater from F21, jacket from England trip, and scarf from airport in Missouri. [Ps. I even did a cute bun to match]

This original picture I found on pinterest and was actually the motivation for this little project. I love the lazy look of her outfit and the perfect bagginess of her jeans. Not to forget the fact that she’s standing on a beach. I unfortunately did not have the luxury of posing in front of the ocean, (*sigh) another day perhaps. I did have baggier jeans I could’ve worn but they made me look bigger than I really am and only being 5’2 next to this long legged model I needed all the help I could get. ο»ΏI just now realized I am not wearing the striped shirt she has peeking out of her sweater because I didn’t notice it before.  My scarf is from an airport in Missouri, sweater from Jcrew, Mek jeans, and shoes from a shoe store in the mall that I’ve totally blanked out on. (They were half off at the end of last winter).

This outfit was easy-peaseyο»Ώ to replicate because I actually wear this to work. Not kidding. Sometimes I switch it up with  different a sweater or blazer. I do love her knitted tights and the length of her dress and her boots and sweater (breath!). My boots, I found at Ross and are my favorite because the heel is minimal and I can stuff my jeans into them if it’s raining or snowing. This little dress I got at Forever21. Believe it. I found it online and scrutinized and studied the length for an hour or so before deciding it’d probably be long enough. Yep. Leggings from Primark on my England trip and sweater from F21 of course.