Well it snowed as promised. With being sick and the cold weather, we spent a lot of time indoors and to lift the mood I made my delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Of all the cookies in the world, I make these the most. I think they might be my favorite. I’ll post the recipe later though I am still trying to master the most perfect chewy one.

Quote of the Day:
I’m cooking away in the kitchen when AJ walks into the doorway and stops.

AJ: “Hey babe are you brave?”
Me: “What?”
AJ: “Are you brave?”

I stop, look up and walk over in curiosity.

Me: “No I’m not brave and I don’t trust you because last time I said I trusted you, you poured water on me.”
AJ: “No I just want to know if you’re brave.”

That’s when I notice the battery in his hand.

Me: “I’m not going to lick that battery.”
AJ: “Babe, pleeeeease!”

This seriously happened and the entire time I was thinking “I can’t believe this is happening.”

Me: “I’m not stupid, I’m not going to lick that battery.”
AJ: “Come on it doesn’t really hurt.”
Me: “No way, I’m not stupid.”
AJ: “Just once. If you do it, then I will.”
Me: “Ha! Yeah okay, you lick it first then I will but I’m not really going to lick it.”

Then he does!
I started laughing so hard because then he hands it to me and says,

AJ: “Okay, now you lick it.”
Me: “Hahaha, I’m not going to lick it!”
AJ: “Baaaaaaabe!”

It seriously drove him crazy that I wouldn’t lick it. Why would I lick it? Really?

In other news!
Melina from Only a Flight Away is doing a Secret Santa! It is such a great idea and will be so fun for Christmas. Go sign up so you can be a part of it!

Also, I’m guest posting over on Jessie’s blog, Sweet Little Somethings but it’s a repeat post sorry!


I decided to try out a homemade face scrub that I heard about. It claims to help with acne scars and active acne. It’s really simple and all the ingredients are found in your kitchen.

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon honey

Combine all ingredients together and lightly scrub all over your face. Leave mixture on for 30 minutes.
If you don’t have honey, milk can be substituted though if your skin is sensitive you should only leave the mixture on for 20 minutes.

These were the directions and I followed them exactly. I made the exact amount and was able to place it all over my face [as shown]. Plus, it created a very nice strong, spicy smell.

Overall, I really enjoyed this concoction. It left my skin silky smooth and I could smell the sweet scent the rest of the night. Before I put on the scrub I could feel that I was getting a new bit of acne on my chin and without putting any other acne treatment on it, the next day my acne had completely surfaced. Not sure if it was because of this scrub but to me it seemed to help.

Cinnamon & Nutmeg Scrub


After about three months of contemplation I finally decided to invest in bareMinerals makeup. My lovely sister was the basic deciding factor on the whole issue. She has been using it since the summer and always looks so gorgeous. Gorgeous. She knows it too or at least should cuz I remind her all the time. Her makeup is flawless.
So I scrimped and saved, made an appointment, and had my entire face done up to perfection. Then I bought the whole store, basically. My sister was surprised I got so much but I told her I had prepared for it because I knew I’d want everything.
This is what I went home with.
Basic Kit which includes:
Original Foundation in Fairly light
Mineral Veil
Warmth – bronzer
Three brushes
Brush cleanser
Then I added:
Basic eye pallette
Eye primer
Face primer
Buxom lip gloss
It’s bad news though ladies because I am now sucked into the world of makeup. I can’t get enough of it. I want to try an array of different brands, invest in concealers, and explore the worlds of eye shadows. I feel like such a girl doing my makeup for nearly 20 minutes every morning now. I’ve been late to work every day this week! But it’s fun, it’s a new adventure I’ve only brushed the surface of in the past and it’ll be a great new project and obsession!
What’s your favorite kind of make up?

This is by far my favorite copycat. Why?
One: Because I love these glasses. They used to be sunglasses from the 80’s but the lens are popped out.
Two: Because never would I wear my hair like this. I feel like Ashley Olsen. Okay ok maybe I would.
Three: I’m holding random papers that I found in our dining room.
Okay it’s not the best picture of me but I loved replicating this picture. It’s just so awesome. Well that and I think Asians are awesome. Glasses from my parents house (also in yellow), jacket from H&M, sweater from F21, and mek jeans.

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Quote of the Day:
Last night when AJ and I were driving and barely missed a green light, he called out “oh shuckles” while I said “butters.”

[He was probably going for “shucks” while I was shooting for “buggars”]