This is by far my favorite copycat. Why?
One: Because I love these glasses. They used to be sunglasses from the 80’s but the lens are popped out.
Two: Because never would I wear my hair like this. I feel like Ashley Olsen. Okay ok maybe I would.
Three: I’m holding random papers that I found in our dining room.
Okay it’s not the best picture of me but I loved replicating this picture. It’s just so awesome. Well that and I think Asians are awesome. Glasses from my parents house (also in yellow), jacket from H&M, sweater from F21, and mek jeans.

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Quote of the Day:
Last night when AJ and I were driving and barely missed a green light, he called out “oh shuckles” while I said “butters.”

[He was probably going for “shucks” while I was shooting for “buggars”]

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Hey girlies!
This hairstyle is so simple you’ll laugh and wonder why I even did a tutorial for it. It’s my go-to, never-fails updo when I want my hair off my neck and out of my face. It’s face, simple, and easy to do. So I thought I’d share in it’s easiness so you can enjoy it too :)

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This outfit was easy-peasy too. If you break it down it’s a shirt, pants, jacket, boots, and scarf. Bam, perfect fall attire. Only change: I should’ve worn blue jeans. My legs just melt right into those boots don’t they, can’t even tell where the leg stops and the boots start. Sidenote, I totally felt like a giant boa was wrapped around my neck slowly suffocating me. I have the smallest neck in the history of necks. okay not. but really. Giant boa from F21, jacket from england, shirt and jeggings from F21, and boots from amazon, uhhh no clue of the name. 
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Okay okay I didn’t have her awesome hat, so I improvised. I also didn’t have her tank top since I don’t wear those. Given that it’s 30 degrees outside I didn’t think it appropriate to wear sandals with my knit hat and long sleeve tee so I had to improvise on this whole outfit. But I do love her look and of course the loose comfy jeans she’s got on display. Maybe some day I can find a hat as cool as hers. My hat is from Forever 21, shirt from TJMaxx, Mek jeans, and TOMS.