How was your weekend?
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I saw this post and then this one about posting a picture an hour and wanted to give it a try. I realized as I edited these that I accomplish a lot more in the mornings than I do later at night. I’m definitely a morning person at heart and love to be a busy-body earlier in the day rather than later. This was yesterday, my Monday off work. It was wonderful. I wish we had more Mondays off, but I’d take a Friday any time or any other day for that matter.

Quote of the Day:

Me: “You have a saggy bum.” [as I yank up his sweatpants].7 hours later.
AJ: “You have a saggy bum.” [as he yanks up my sweatpants]—-

[wearing Christmas socks]AJ: “You have Christmas socks.”
Me: “I’m surprised you haven’t seen them; I’ve worn them before.”
AJ: “Whatever babe.”

[hair sticking up]Me: “You have a wing dinger.”
AJ: “I like my wing dinger.”

[in his underwear]Me: “Where’s your clothes?”
AJ: “That’s nunya.”  (none ya business)