I want this to be a really good one. Yet, the only ones I can think of are wildly inappropriate or I wasn’t even embarrassed, or I’ve never ever told a soul and wouldn’t still

Okay okay, this one counts because it happened in Junior High school which is pretty good since elementary stuff is for wimps.

A group of us walked to the trash cans after finishing our lunches to throw away our trays. When the girl opposite me dropped hers into the garbage the potatoes and gravy leftover on her plate ricocheted up and landed all over my shirt. White creamy potatoes and brown, beef gravy smeared all over my baby blue shirt. I literally stood there paralyzed. “Did this really just happen?” “Is anyone looking?” “Everyone’s looking.” The girl started laughing right away and I didn’t know what to do. I think she saw my surprise because then she started apologizing and I knew that it was only an accident so I told her it was no big deal. I quickly turned and hauled out of there heading straight for the bathroom. Luckily I had a sweater tied around my waist (so swag) and changed out my shirt and into the clean one. Then rinsed the shirt out in the sink before hanging it in my locker to dry and never ate lunch with that girl again. Hahaha, jk. No harm, no foul.


My favorite moment is the same moment of every day.
It looks a little something like this

Or as AJ likes to say “Release the Gooch!”

The moment we get home from work, we let Gucci out of his pen and he comes bounding towards us with his favorite toy, slipping and sliding all over the hard wood floors.

It doesn’t matter how badly my day has gone, how horrible my hair looks, how grumpy I am, this little man is always so happy to see me and there is literally nothing better than this.

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