Things that make me feel uncomfortable:

That first line has the potency to make anyone fall asleep halfway through it. How do I do this without running off a list?

I’ve actually been thinking about this topic the last few days and this morning as I sat in the bathtub I thought to myself. “Bath tubs actually make me very uncomfortable. I should add that to the list.”  I mean you’re sitting there and it’s like “how many people have sat in this?” I do wash our bathtub but, I don’t know, it just seems odd. I’m definitely a shower kind of girl and only use the bath tub maybe once a year. (public swimming pools fall in this category too)

Add to that: using the toilet (yours, a neighbors, who knows) with the shower curtain shut. You know what I’m saying. I know I’m not the only one who checks behind the curtain first before using the bathroom. If I’m really panicked I’ll throw the whole thing wide open first just so I know something isn’t going to “appear” after I’ve checked the first time but I always pull it back into place before I leave.

Speaking of bathtubs, lakes make me super uncomfortable. Especially when you’re sitting behind a ski boat holding a rope, with two wooden skis on your feet, and your bum is just hanging out all by itself in the water just waiting for a big alligator to come nibble on it. My mom would literally joke like that! Yet there I was nearly 16 years old panicking about the fake alligators in lake powell that were going to get my bum! Oh the shame! I really really looooove lakes (: psh (unless there’s someone else with me, then the alligators will get them!)

Snakes make me really uncomfortable too. Once I walked over one and my brother said, “Look at that snake.” I probably jumped as high as the top of the tree next to me. No, no, no, no, no.

Likewise if I’m walking in really tall grass and someone even mentions the snake word I will take off running with my knees hitting my chest. Road runner right outta there.

Sleeping in dirty socks. I’ve tried to do that and I just can’t. I have to get up and change them. Not even sure where that comes from.

Raw meat. Raw hamburger gives me the shivels. Raw chicken, raw pork. If it’s frozen it’s not as bad but you should see me trying to unwrap the meat from the packaging. It’s like watching a grandma unwrap a present without wrinkling the paper.

What makes you uncomfortable??


I think eyebrows make a huge difference. In fact, I know they do. Have you ever covered up your eyebrows to see what you’d look like without them? Scary. I was always told that my eyebrows were great the way they were so I rarely plucked them and when I did it was with a very light hand. Then I strolled into Sephora one day and the kind woman filled them in for me using this kit from Anastasia. I literally walked out a new woman. Now whenever I wash my eyebrows off at night I feel a little naked. Filling in your eyebrows can really add life to your complexion. It may look strange at first but once you get used to them, you won’t go a day without them. 


Today is the day (ha! I already sound like a teacher) I educate you about something I know a lot about.

I know a lot about Math. Noooooo! Not math. 

I know, seriously. Nobody wants to read this anymore and I honestly don’t know what to tell you about it except that for some reason I’m really good at it. 

So instead I’m going to teach you one trick I figured out that maybe one day you’ll never use. 

When adding:


Make everything into factors of 5’s and 10’s.
See I’ve probably already lost you. I know, math sucks ): I hear it every time I tutor.

How easily can you add 6 and 19? Torture!

BUThow easily can you add 5 and 20? 

Here’s the trick:
See the 6 and 19 above?
Take one from the 6 and give it to the 19 so the 6 becomes 5 and the 19 becomes 20. Now you have what?
5+20= 25.

So if you continued this through all the numbers you would have:

It’s not a piece of cake but it’s a whole lot easier than it was before.
So there ya go!


I was born in Utah. 

At six years old, my family moved to Okinawa, Japan where we explored the amazing parks and went swimming nearly every day. During my 10th birthday, we moved back home to Utah  and I developed a love for choreographing dances to my favorites songs. The summer I turned 15, we moved to Okinawa, Japan again and I tripped my way onto the volleyball team and cheerleading squad. When senior year came, I moved back to Utah and lived with a best friend and her family where we pulled the best pranks and caused a ruckus of trouble. 
After graduation, I attended Dixie State College and my family moved to Germany. I spent two Christmas’s and a summer in Germany traveling around Europe a bit and fell in love with H&M for the first time. Sophomore year I transferred to Utah State University and experienced the funnest years of my life living on my own; surviving on rice and oatmeal. During the summer I turned 20, I move to New Jersey and worked as a nanny. At 22, I got braces, my motorcycle license, and completed training for my Private Pilot’s license. Right before turning 23, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. That summer I moved to Virginia for a summer sales job and was able to visit Washington D.C. for the first time.
December 5th, I met my husband while attending church. December 8th, I got my braces off. December 11th, we went on our first date. The following summer, I married my sweetheart and we adopted our first baby yorkie, Gucci. We celebrated our first anniversary visiting my family and AJ’s parents in England, our second flying to Wendover and Logan and now we’re looking forward to our third this summer.  Yay!
That’s my whole nut shell.

Jenni, from Story of my Life, has issued a challenge.

Blog everyday in May.

I scoffed at it the first time I skimmed over read it. No way, no how.

Then yesterday something happened. I remembered the challenge, looked it up, and was suddenly copying all the topics for the challenge. What? Who is this? Like an addict with a blogging problem, I couldn’t stop myself.

I’m doing it. Don’t know how I’ll make it through but for some reason I really want to do this.

Really just for myself.

I want to blog for me. They’ll be there every day for whoever would like to read them as well, mixed in with all my usual topics of choice.

Let the posts begin.tomorrow.