I have been a fan of Almay cosmetics since I learned how to apply eye liner as a teen. The first time I purchased an Almay product I noticed how everything was organized by eye color. This made finding items that would look great with my blue eyes a smooth success.

Whenever I have a girl’s night planned, I like to use it as an opportunity to try out a fun, new makeup look that I know my friends would appreciate. Whether it’s creating a chic cat-eye with a touch of liner or sweeping on a new lip gloss color, I know using outstanding products like Almay’s make creating an exceptional look an easy effort.

Kate Bryan, from the Small Things Blog, has some quick tips for creating the perfect complexion for a girl’s night out.


Sometimes I get this overwhelming feeling of failure and hits me like a sack of bricks. I go through the day with the intent to succeed, taking on one project after another stacking them up until I’ve got a tower so tall it disappears into the clouds.

I step back, glance up, and see it gleaming in the light. A huge grin spreading across my face.

As I stand there admiring what I’ve built, it starts to waver. Swaying ever so slightly, the top slides off and comes tumbling down, falling smack onto the floor.

I look down at the mess, frustrated. “What’s going on?” I ask.

Then more starts to fall. I jump out of the way thinking, “why is this happening?”

Then another falls and then another. The hopelessness starts to sink in and I fall to my knees; “why isn’t this easy?”

I glance around at the mess thinking nothing else could go wrong when one hits me square on the head and I cry out, “why won’t this work?”

One right after the next and pretty soon my tower is toppling. I try to grasp as much of it as I can, trying to hold it in place. It feels so heavy I just want to let go; I just want to give up.

I look around at the mess and feel helpless. “I’ll never accomplish anything.” All this time grasping at goals just out of reach, now miles away.

I sit back and sigh, “what should I do?” “Is it time to give up?”

I gaze up trying to find a new perspective when I come across this quote:
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I think back to my tower trying, with all my might, to look at it a different way.
Is the tower really falling or did I make it fall?

I build my tower as tall and high as I possibly can but the truth is that I don’t need the tallest tower. I don’t need a tower so high that it disappears into the clouds. What I need is a tower so strong, so sturdy it won’t tumble down.

I need to change the way I see my tower; I need to build it a new way.