This video answers all the questions you may have about me personally. It covers a wide range of topics from my family, husband, life with a baby and what I do for work. These videos were fun to make but it was even more interesting to see which questions you wanted to hear answers for! I hope you enjoy it either way and it’s another long one like Part 1! Here is a link to that video, in case you missed it, that covers all the questions regarding my hair or hair tips in general!

Q&A Part 2 | Husband, Baby, My Job

  1. What inspired you to start your blog and keep developing it into the site it is today?
  2. What do you do for work?
  3. Did you go to college and if so what did you study?
  4. How do you take your pictures?
  5. What do you use to edit and film your videos?
  6. Did you ever think you would be as famous as you are now?
  7. What was your dream job?
  8. Do people recognize you out on the streets?
  9. What is something you can’t live without?
  10. Has your life turned out to be as you wished so far?
  11. Do you have a certain makeup product you use everyday?
  12. How does it feel to be a YouTube sensation?
  13. What are your tips for confidence/self-esteem?
  14. What is your middle name?
  15. What made you want to start a YouTube channel and dedicate your time to doing hairstyles?
  16. What advice would you have for smaller braiding accounts that would like to share a passion with the world?
  17. How long have you been on instagram?
  18. Do you ever get mad?
  19. Favorite book of 2015
  20. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
  21. What tv show do you love to binge watch?
  22. Are you thinking of having more kids? How many?
  23. How did you and husband meet?
  24. How long ago did you start dating your husband?
  25. How old are you and how old is your husband?
  26. How many siblings do you have?
  27. Knowing your family, why would you say that you all have such a close bond with one another, especially the sisters? Any advice on how to strengthen family?
  28. What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
  29. How did your life change before and after having a baby?

fathers-day-5Ever since having Cohen, my life has been forever changed. He is everything to me and having my own little family now is the best thing in the world. Of course, I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and father to help raise this little boy. With as much as AJ already loves and takes care of me, I can only imagine how much he will and already does love this baby Cohen. I love watching him in this new role as Cohen’s dad and how good fatherhood looks on him.fathers-day-2fathers-day-4One of the greatest things in this world is watching the man who, once upon a time, was your college crush, surprised you with flowers a time or two, secretly decorated your house with Christmas lights, made you laugh til your stomach hurt, and smeared wedding cake on your face with a big frosty kiss… become the father of your first baby boy. It’s been one of the sweetest and most enjoyable experiences of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better example of what a man and father should be and am so grateful my son has a great example to look up to for the rest of his life. AJ loves this little guy so much and I know Cohen will love and adore his dad more and more as he grows older.fathers-day-6 fathers-day-7 To my sweetest husband, it is my greatest joy to see the biggest smile on little Cohen’s face whenever he sees you and to see such adoration in your eyes each time. The love you have for this little family of ours is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing and I’m so grateful for it every day. I love being able to spend my life with you.fathers-day-1fathers-day-3 Happy Father’s Day to you my love, and to the man who raised you right. And to all the fathers out there, especially to my own dad, who has always made sure that I knew I was loved, even from miles away. As well as to my father-in-law! I am the luckiest to have such amazing men in my life! Cohen-newborn-pics-10

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I can’t even believe this kid is already 4 months old. I love him even more than the first day I held him and am looking forward to many more months to come. I decided to put together a three month postpartum update and had such a great response that I thought it was only fitting to make a second update. I love knowing that you enjoy hearing about Cohen as much as I love talking about him! If you would like having a monthly update please leave a comment below letting me know!

4 Month Postpartum Update


moab moab-2

We are camping in Moab for Memorial Day weekend! Follow along with us on Instagram!

Stay tuned for new posts later this week! Thanks for being awesome!


The day that I became a mother was incredibly painful and exhilarating and exhausting and beautiful. It was an overwhelming experience that I hope I never forget. The moment I held baby Cohen in my arms I was completely speechless at the remarkable feelings that came over me. Feelings I didn’t know could be felt enveloped me. I stared down at the babe in my arms and couldn’t believe he was finally here. Cohen-newborn-pics-6 I remember looking at him as he was being taken care of after birth and feeling an exhilaration that the long nine months of waiting were finally over. As I caught glimpses of him, a small wave of panic washed over me and I couldn’t help but wonder what came next. What would this little guy be like? Would I be a good mother to him? Would I be able to raise and nurture him the way he needed? Cohen-newborn-pics-2 When we were left alone, I held Cohen in my arms, gazing down into his sweet little face. Suddenly a feeling came over me, so powerful that I began to cry. I cried and cried, so overwhelmed by a feeling of love and joy so intense that I knew in that moment I would do anything for this little babe. I loved him so deeply; he was a part of me that I would cherish forever. That moment is one I hope to never forget. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much love in my entire life; I was so sure my heart would burst. baby-birth-story At times it still seems surreal that this little person who looks at me, quietly watching me every day, in that curious way that only he can, is mine forever. Getting to be Cohen’s mom is the brightest light in my life.  This life with him is sweet and full. I am so grateful every day that I was given the gift of raising such a happy little spirit. mothers-day-with-cohen Motherhood is one of the greatest privileges of my life and I am so lucky to share that with so many beautiful women. This year will be my very first Mother’s Day and I am so happy that I’ll be able to experience it with the two most important people in my life. AJ and Cohen are the two most important people in my life. I’m so grateful that I was the lucky one chosen to bring this beautiful baby boy, in all of his sweet and happy innocence, to earth, and be able to raise him with such a strong, kind man as his father. mothers-day-post-snow.2 mothers-day-post-missy-sue Happy Mother’s Day to mothers and future mothers everywhere, especially to my own beautiful mom who has been a wonderful example of love and strength to me in my own life. Also, a Happy Mother’s Day to my mother-in-law who raised the kindest, gentlest man, who will be a shining example to this little boy I hold so dearly to my heart; you have given me the greatest gift of all, my own little family. cohen-and-ajmothers-day-post-cohen

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