ο»ΏThis question seems obvious; is there ever really a perfect time to have a baby? 
When you really aren’t sure and can’t help but wonder [like I am], you really want to know.

Recently, I had 7 friends who were all pregnant at the same time. The same time. Now they all have babies, some of them baby #2. When I made this realization it was a lot to take in. Especially when the thought to join them and follow suit hadn’t ever entered my tiny little brain.

At a recent get-together with friends the realization hit me like a cold cement wall. I no longer had anything in common with them because every topic directly related to their new babies. It’s silly to think, but by the end of the night I felt like I’d lost two of my closest friends. Now it has been on my mind ever since. So if it doesn’t happen on its own then how do you decide when the time is right to take the plunge into parenthood?

Having a baby can be exciting but it makes it easy to forget about the things that need to be ready beforehand. I found an article recently from Stork Net and compiled a few questions to help figure out the answer.

Will I be taking some time off work, either temporarily or permanently?
Will I be able to reduce my expenses at the same time in order to balance my family’s budget?
If you’re planning to return to work shortly after your baby is born, what are the costs of childcare and other work-related expenses?
Would it make greater financial sense to have one parent stay at home with the new baby?

What about a financial plan after the baby arrives?
Having a nest egg would help alleviate the stress of finances and should be started once you’ve made the decision to have a child. It would also a good idea to pay off any personal debt that has accumulated over the years.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to consider physical and emotional readiness. Emotional preparations are most crucial to healthy family development and sometimes these are ignored. Some things that can be considered include: labor pain, maturity, personal health, tolerating the demands of a baby, the feelings of stress, frustration, incompetence, vulnerability, responsibility and selflessness that a new baby evokes from an adult.
There are also the levels of stress put on the relationship as well as some interruption in intimacy, spontaneity and availability for each other.

What are the expectations of each other as parents and as a family? Maintaining an open line of communication with your spouse is important. Babies can bring turbulence to a marriage and do not necessarily make a relationship stronger.

Talking with other new families and participating in support groups for new moms and dads before the baby can help with questions and making you aware of many different aspects of raising a family.

Bottomline: There is never a perfect time, perfect financial situation, perfect home or job for having a baby. You don’t need everything in perfect order to have the perfect baby. So take some time to think about what your heart and your head are telling you and the answer will come to you. If you are ready, you will simply know when it is time to begin the journey toward parenthood.

Adapted from Stork Net

What are you planning?
We haven’t really discussed what we’re doing yet. AJ mentioned going flying but he wasn’t feeling well yesterday so my intuition is telling me he’ll be sleeping most of the weekend and I’ll be keeping myself busy with cleaning and packing.
Sayonara for now!

Victoria, from Unlock your World tagged me in the 11 questions post

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Eleven things about me

1 – People always tell me I look familiar. It’s so common it annoys me when people ask.
2 – I don’t like wearing my hair down.
3 – My biggest fear is becoming paralyzed or in a vegetative state.
4 – When I drive the speed limit I get this anxious itching all over like I’ve given up on life.
5 – I have a fetish with people’s hands and love to watch them.
6 – I don’t like being the center of attention but I appreciate being noticed.
7 – Growing up I always wanted to be a spy and learn hand-to-hand combat.
8 – I have a four-year degree and they were the best five years of my life.
9 – I don’t like wearing colors or prints or clothes that are too tight.
10 – I’ve always wanted to experience “Groundhog Day”; living the same day over and over.
11 – I’m not usually superstitious but I won’t pick up a penny that’s tails up but I’ll flip it over for someone else.

Victoria’s Questions for me

1. Where would you love to travel? The Sea of Cortez or Cabo
2. What is your favorite season? Autumn
3. What do you love about blogging? Being beneficial to others
4. Who is your very best friend? AJ
5. What are 3 things that you NEVER leave the house without? Underwear, shoes, mascara
6. What is one bad habit you have? I assume what someone will say and interject
7. Beach or Mountains? Beach
8. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? a spy
9. What candy describes your personality? Tootsie pop; hard on the outside, soft in the middle
10. Where is your favorite place to shop? Ross
11. What is your favorite spring trend? Platform Wedges
My Questions for You!
I tag everyone who reads this.

1. What would you do with a million dollars?
2. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
4. What is your biggest fear?
5. What’s your greatest accomplishment?
6. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever experienced?
7. What’s your most embarrassing moment?
8. What’s your favorite hobby?
9. If you were an animal what would you be?
10. What’s your favorite part of your body?
11. What would you tell your 16 year old self?

My weekend was busy. It was and it wasn’t. It wasn’t busy so I made it busy.

AJ went flying early Saturday morning and then air-softing with friends because he just got a new gun. Then in the evening he took some friends flying again. Since he was gone most of the day or busy when he was home I spent the day cooking and cleaning. I made sweet pork in the slow cooker and a peanut butter banana pie. Saturday night we went down to Sandy to spend time with some friends. They both have new babies so it’s always fun to see how much they’ve grown and they’re so entertaining to watch.

On Sunday my visiting teachers came.  I never thought I’d say it but I really enjoy when they come. Sometimes being married to a man I forget what it’s like to sit and chat with women. It is so much easier to relate to each other and talk about things we all have in common.  AJ was sick on Sunday so I spent the day making honey-lime chicken enchiladas and chocolate chip cookies to eat throughout the week. That night I went with my siblings to Salt Lake to have dinner at my aunt and uncles house. They made enchiladas and I took the peanut butter pie. It was a total hit and the evening was so fun just getting caught up with everyone’s lives and situations.

How was your weekend?


We were driving through a gravel parking lot.
Me: “We’re off-roading. Yeah baby.”
AJ: “Boo-yah Grandma!”
AJ: “I’m a weird guy.”
Me: “I wouldn’t say you’re weird. I’d say you’re a little difficult.”

I realized I skipped over my regular Monday routine of the weekend review. So in that case, how was your weekend?

We did go skiing. It took a little convincing but it turned out to be worth it. It always is. For some reason, we both need to talk each other into it whenever we go. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because AJ has to wake up earlier than usual and I’m forced to brave the cold. Either way, I’m glad we did. We went with my sister again and she is so much fun to go with. She’s always down for any run, going through trees, just weaving around, and always anxious to get on the lift and do it over again.

We took a break in the lodge and bought some chili cheese fries part way through. I don’t think I’ve had such a delicious treat while skiing before. I dreamed about that chili all the next day and wished I could get my hands on some it was that good.

I still need to actually ski instead of snowboard one of these times. Maybe the next time we go we can both ski alongside my sister. She said she’d help me out with the learning bit. Hopefully it’s not as painful as it was to learn how to snowboard.

Quote of the Day
My love language is service. If you know about the five love languages then you’ll get what I’m saying. I consider it one of the worst ones because it’s impossible for people to serve you naturally unless that’s already their language. AJ’s is words so he has to go out of his way to serve me in order for me to feel loved. Yesterday this was our little convo.

AJ: “Have I served you today?”
Me: “Yeah, you did the dishes and folded the laundry, thank you!”
AJ: “That’s right. You’ve been served.”