6 Month Baby Update

It has been so long since my last update. That is because I actually filmed this when Cohen turned 6 months but second guessed posting it. Now that he’s over the 7 month hill and I should be posting that update instead of this one I feel really guilty about skipping it. As such, here is what’s going on with the baby boy at 6 months old. I am planning to skip over the 7 month update (hangs head in shame) because I am currently feeling swamped with my posting schedule but plan to make up for it at 8 months. I love hearing about babies similar in age to Cohen so I hope you enjoy this video even though it’s late!


Cohen's Five Month Update | MissySue.com

I literally can’t believe my baby boy is already 5 months old. I was actually super confused with the counting because I had been counting by weeks the entire time. I was always saying “almost 5 months” but my mom kept correcting me going by the day he was born instead. Who even knows? I say as long as you can wear your birthday suit on your “supposed” 5 month mark then who’s to stop ya, amirite? Because that’s what we do around here when it’s 103 degrees outside and a leaky swamp cooler just ain’t cutting it. Birthday or no birthday really.

I love watching these though because it is so fun to see how little Cohen boy is changing. I honestly didn’t think it would affect me this much but he has really grown in the last month since the previous update. Blowing my hair back as we speak. It’s too crazy. I keep thinking I won’t make another one and then the next month rolls over and another update comes tumbling out. I think I can’t help myself because I secretly hope one day this little boy of mine will click play and see what he was like as a little hunky chunk. I love that kid so darn much it hurts me inside. It’s so scary but true. Okay, now I’m feeling all gushy inside so let’s just move right on over to the video.

5 Month Postpartum Update