To say we didn’t do much over the weekend would be an over statement. We literally didn’t do much over the weekend. AJ went on a three hour hike to an airplane crash site and I started up my old winter routine of baking all Saturday morning, filling the house with sweet smells of cinnamon and pumpkin, and nestling under a load of blankets and pillows reading stacks of novels. 

**When I lived in New Jersey for a summer I had a friend ask me once if it were true that there were horses and pastures all over where I lived in Utah. I remember thinking, “huh??” Now that I’m a fanatic about taking pictures all the time I’m really starting to see what they meant. There are literally pastures and horses all over the place.

EC: “Melissa what are these?”
Me: “They’re box elder bugs.”
EC: “Box elder? Like me, elder?”

{Blueberry and Peach Cobbler}
{Snow in the mou-ens}
{Reading with the Gooch}
{AJ still getting into the garbage}
{S’mores and games with friends}
{pork burritos}
{my little lover boy}
{fruits in fall}
{family photos}
{a little reminder of what it’s all about}

Since being given the opportunity to work with the young women in my ward I realized that I have never looked forward this much to church since I was in young women’s myself. I truly love it; enjoy it so much. I look forward to the lessons, the activities, even my opportunity to teach. It’s so much fun and I just want to be there for all the girls and give them great memories to look back on.

I’ve been trying to perfect my photography skills recently and I must say I never quite realized how much joy I could truly get out of it. It’s definitely a lot more work than I originally thought and there’s still so much to learn but when I get that one perfect shot I just think, wow this is incredible. To accomplish something after studying it for so long and actually be able to see the hard work and effort staring right back at me on that little screen it’s just amazing.

It’s that time of year again for family photos so AJ and I went into the woods to try our hand at it again. I know they’re not perfect now but I hope in 5 years I’ll be able to go back and look at them all and see how I’ve progressed in my photography; and of course remember the good times we had in between.
AJ: “How do I look?”
Me: “Good, but you gotta fix your hair.”

goes into bathroom

AJ: “My hair is perfect!”

We hosted a Halloween party at the house over the past weekend and it sure was a lot of fun. Everyone were great sports about dressing up though I forgot to take a few pictures of the people who trickled in later. We had soups and little smokies and lots of other sweet treats. We played Tempt Your Fate and the Werewolf version of mafia all night and as it got later and later and the party people slowly started diminishing I was so sad to see it all end. It was a lot of work, a lot of worry, and a whole lot of fun. I hope we can all do it again soon. I want to say thanks to everyone who came because it wouldn’t have been a party without them.

Quote of the Day:

While playing Werewolf:
“I guess I’m not very good at lying.or telling the truth.”