How was your Thanksgiving?

We spent Thanksgiving with AJ’s family. We had the traditional set up and a huge assortment of pies. We talked, played cards, laughed about silly youtube videos, and planned the family vacation for next summer. They are one of the nicest families I’ve ever met. They are just so kind and all get along so well. It was fun to get together with them because it’s not often that we do.

On Friday, we skipped the entire shopping extravaganza and went to the Jazz game instead. We invited Natalie and some friends and had a good time watching the game from the highest seats in the house. The game was excellent and a complete clincher all the way to the end.

I guess now with that all behind us Christmas is officially in the air.
Quote of the Day:

[while driving in the car, AJ’s talking about how he wrote a snazzy note on the tip receipt for our waitress and how she’ll brag about it to the other servers]

AJ: “..and then she’ll be like well I got a note that said this but then what if someone else is like well I got one that said thisso she’ll be like “oh.”
Me: “Mhmm”

AJ: “Lame story! [as he slaps my leg] You say something.”

[while driving in the car  apparently we do that a lot]]

AJ: “Will you do me a favor?”
Me: “Sure.”
AJ: “Here, type in Kaysville Theater.” [into google search]
Me: “You silly boy you don’t have to do that.”
AJ: “That’s right I have that app Flixster.”
Me: “Yeah except its hidden somewhere” [as I’m scrolling all over his phone]
        “You hide all your apps so I can’t find it.”
AJ: “Are you sure? Did you flip around?”
Me: “You think I’m retarded and I didn’t flip around?”
AJ: “Hahahahaha, you gotta blog that.”
Me: “I found it.”

[for anyone who knows Jim Gaffigan, you’ll get this. It’s the bit about how bowling is so boring]

Me: “Do you wanna go to the game?”
AJ: “Well if there’s nothing else to do. We can go to the game or go bowling or commit suicide.”

[while driving in the car heater full blast]

Me: “Are you hot?”
AJ: “That’s what the girls say.”

I’m pretty sure I have more fun taking pictures of AJ’s goofy faces than anything elsewell except maybe the gooch. I definitely love those two boys.

Some random thoughts / [cuz that’s all I got]

We went and saw a hockey game. A Utah State hockey game mind you. I grew up in a family who played hockey but never really had friends who appreciated the sport. While I was sitting there at that game with AJ I glanced up at him and when I saw him watching the game so intently I had this overwhelming feeling of joy. He loves hockey as much, or more, than I do and I knew right then that was just one more reason why he is so perfect for me. [P.S. Dad if you’re reading this, you were greatly missed at that hockey game. We had pizza before the game (seemingly the tradition) and I kept thinking how much I wished you were there too]

Donuts are quickly becoming a major food group around this household, that and vanilla hot chocolate.

The mail always comes without fail. “How do I make it stop?”

We finally cut a pumpkin! Cut because we did not carve that bad boy. I merely wanted to cook the seeds. I have never done that and always loved it when my mom did it around Halloween.

I actually wish it would snow. I never thought I’d say that but it’s prettier with snow covering everything than having barren trees everywhere.

Three day work week. That speaks for itself (: