Anderson Lake, British Columbia
I ask AJ all the time where he would live if he could live anywhere in the world. My favorite answer that he’s given me so far has been, “Wherever you are.”
We have both agreed that a lake front would be just the perfect spot.
Where? Not quite sure yet.
This place looks perfect though.
Will you come visit?


Last weekend we took advantage of the fresh snow and went skiing with my younger sister. She started out snowboarding but once she fell and broke her wrist she immediately turned to the dark side and started skiing. She’s only gone a few times but she ripped down that mountain like an old pro. I was so proud of her I just beamed with pride as we enjoyed the cool night air and fresh powder.

I set a goal a few years back to learn how to ski and have only gone a few times. As I watched my sister get progressively better as the night wore on it made me think how skiing could be just as fun as snowboaring if I’d just commit the time to it. Luckily AJ can ski too so he’s all for it but it’s hard to give up a perfectly good day of snowboarding to go back to day one of learning a new trick. Yet I think I’ve decided that skiing might be the new adventure I need.

What about you? Are you a skiier or diehard snowboarder?


I hope for this every day of the week. Every day but Saturday.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful message to receive when your alarm goes off at 6 AM?
The forecast was correct and Saturday morning we woke up to snow. Fortunately we didn’t give in to its meanderings and refused to even shovel our driveway. I actually prefer the driveway covered in snow. It makes me feel like I’m in a movie or hiding away in a snowy cabin in the deep mountains. We have enough trees that it sure can look that way. These photos were taken from my front door.
We did take full advantage of the new snow and went snowboarding with my sister Mary. It was a lot of fun and even though it was only her second time on skis (she broke her wrist snowboarding, eek!) she was cruising down those hills like an old pro.
My brother came up for drill and we were able to go to dinner with him. That is one of my most favorite things. It was just us five older siblings, along with AJ, out to dinner and on those occasions I feel like one of the luckiest girls because I’m sure there are families out there who  may not get along and I am grateful that we as siblings get along so well and spending time together is just the cherry on top.
Sunday was a quiet day because AJ and I are both enthralled in the Millenium Triology. AJ is just finishing book two and I’m near the end of book three. It’s just captivating. So when we asked each other what we should do that night AJ replied that he really just wanted to read. I love that he can give in to his book worm side because I am a book worm at heart and am glad we both have a love for reading.
How was your weekend?

This is what my weekend looks like.
Snow is in the forecast which would be a good thing since we haven’t had any all winter.
I’d be okay if it decided not to come.
Honey wants to take the opportunity of fresh snow and go snowboarding.
I wonder if mr. weather will trick us again.
What are your plans?

There’s nothing better than spending a quiet night at home. I used to really dislike working opposite schedules as newly-weds and thus spending every night of the week by myself. With Gucci as my usual company I have learned to love and appreciate my quiet nights doing whatever I please. Now when someone comes over they almost seem like an intruder interrupting my peaceful serenity.
Luckily Gucci enjoys our nights together just as much as I do and always has to be lounging wherever I am.