Currently: It’s finals week which means AJ is done with his second to last semester. I can’t believe it’s already over and I also can’t believe he’s that much closer to graduating. He’s also only a few hours away from finishing his instrument. I honestly can’t wait until he gets it done. Maybe then we can start flying again.

I’m currently obsessed with the Vampire Diaries. Never really thought I’d say that about a vampire show but for some reason it’s captivating. I’ve been dabbling around on the violin a bit but it’s nothing serious. I can’t find myself really committing any time soon. I was thinking for a few days about going back to get a masters degree but I get a sick feeling in my stomach so I’ll just hold off on that for now.

It’s so weird to think about where life has taken us. It’s hard to imagine where we’ll be in the future but I’m sure once we’re there I’ll look back and think the same thing again.

happy friday!
long story short: I’ve been out the last 3 days. sick with some kind of stomach bug. tons of fun. today is day 4 and my whole body feels like it’s been beaten with a stick but so happy to be out of the woods and on my up to 100% (:
have a great weekend!
Quote of the Day: 
AJ: “How do you feel today?”

Me: “I think I’m at 98%.”

AJ: “That’s an A+.”

holy food! apparently that’s all we do over the weekend.

as I was going through my pictures from the weekend I realized that I took more on instagram than on my actual camera. when did that start happening? i finally discovered instagram and am pretty much a crazed lunatic about it. it’s just so fun and so easy to post pictures. i may have to start doing an “according to my iphone” series. pssh yeah right, well probably.

it’s officially December and I’m officially hoping for snow. hoping for snow. never thought those words would enter my psyche. when my friends would say “pray for snow” I’d always just smile and think “you’re crazy.” but actually I do really really wish it would snow. it’s so beautiful when it does and if it’s gonna be cold then let’s go all in!

over the weekend we went to a ward Christmas party that was actually a lot of fun. we sat with some old family friends and talked the night away stuffing our face with delicious potatoes and cobbler. on Sunday we spent time at the Coy’s and played games and chowed on Tess’s awesome food. that girl knows how to work the kitchen. plus their two little boys are so dang cute. it’s always so fun to get together with friends. i’m hoping we’ll get to go skiing with them sometime this season. fingers crossed it snows.

Quote of the Day:
[eating Taco Bell]
Me: “Can I have a bite of yours?”
AJ: “Yeah, careful it’s dripping out the bum.”

[ trying my hand at a forgotten talent ]
[ another outstanding win from slackwater pizzeria ]
[ if i had a dollar for every photo AJ takes of my bum i’d be one wealthy lady ]
[ favorite new run around shoes ]
[ the mountains taunting us with its untouchable snow ]
[ my favorite little boy ]

Friday. I will never get over how wonderful you are.

Quote of the Day:
AJ: “I can’t wait to see the gooch.”
Me: “He’s gonna be so excited when he finds out we have pork burritos.”
[imitating the gooch]
AJ: “Not only are they home but they brought fooooood!”
AJ: [talking about something, i can’t remember what]
Me: “What?”
AJ: “I’m just kid-alizing your body.”
[stuck behind a slow driver]
Me: “Who is this fool?”
AJ: “I don’t know but he betta slow down, cops be patrolling.”