[Favorite Great Harvest]
[Pilot and Navigator]
[AJ’s favorite restaurant; right on the runway]
[I love that he always lays on my clothes]
[The best coconut ice cream and fried bananas]

To say our weekend was chill would be all that’s needed to be said.

A quick look at our weekend and a sneak peek at what’s coming up.

** My family’s cat, Nefertari, was put down this past week. It was really hard but it was for the best. I’ve never met a more affectionate cat than Neffie; she will be missed.
[all her awesome names: Neff Neff, Nefferson, Nefficans, Neffers, Neffie]

We finally saw Les Miserables. Oh my goodness talk about bawling your eyes out. When we got home I rewatched Susan Boyle’s audition and as soon as she started to sing the tears started flowing again. So touching, what a magnificent piece.

We’ve gotten hooked on the new show Homeland. I must warn you it’s pretty risque but the story line is very captivating.

There’s lots of new year business going on around here; resolutions and what not. Do you make new goals and resolutions?

Can’t wait for Pretty Little Liars tomorrow night!