It’s finally warming up around here. The past few days have been in the 70’s and it is glorious! We’ve been enjoying walks every night again. It’s hard when the snow comes and we’re unable to go out in the evening because it’s too cold so I am in love when the sun is still out at 8:00 PM and we can venture out. I wish I could move to a warm climate where this weather was all year round. That would be wonderful.

Over the weekend, we spent time with my grandma whose birthday is May 5th, cinco de mayo. We had a large get-together with my mom’s side of the family and celebrated with cake and catching up. I realized I hadn’t seen some of my cousins since my wedding and it was so great to see them and get updates on how everyone is doing. It seems like most are building their family’s quicker than I ever imagined and it makes me wish I could jump on that train too and ride along with them.

I was finally able to get a pair of these jeans, that I have been longing for for so long, and just got them back from the tailors. I also took this skater dress from asos and had it cut into a peplum top because it already had the most perfect sleeves; best idea ever!

When summer is around the corner I’m immediately drawn to the library where I recently picked up two new books from this amazing author. I have a habit of reading more in the summer than winter, I think because normally school would be out and I’d need a hobby, but am really in love with his ‘Andy Carpenter’ series which is about a lawyer who solves murder mysteries (fits right in with my love for Castle).

This is Day 6 of the Series: Blog Everyday in May

“If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question ‘what do you do?'”

What do I do

I wake up each day hoping it’s better than the last.
I make plans; I get things done. 

I am a wife. I cook and clean. I organize and make the bed. I buy groceries and run errands. I listen to my husband recount his day. I ask him for advice. I give him space when he needs it, a warm body to cuddle with. I compliment him, encourage him, thank him when he takes out the trash, fixes up the car, and trims the yard.

I am a mother. I take Mr. Gooch outside for breaks and nice, long walks. I clean up after him if he gets sick or has an accident. I feed him tidbits off my plate and fill his water dish.. I scratch his belly and massage his neck. I schedule hair cuts and give him baths. 

I am a woman. I do my hair and apply makeup in the morning. I go shopping and get my nails done. I update my wardrobe and wear heels. I dress up in skirts and dresses. I exercise and eat right.

I am a person. I take pictures. I read books. I tutor. I laugh with friends and spend time with family. I work full-time. I plan vacations. I find new restaurants, enjoy date nights. I rest and watch movies. I take drives and enjoy the views. I buy smoothies and make lunch dates. I learn something new every day. I take risks and set goals.

I get older with each passing minute and I remind myself to live.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Talk about a whirlwind weekend over here! It started early when AJ and I took work off Friday for the graduation ceremonies. His parents were kind enough to give us two nights at their timeshare in Park City so we headed up there Thursday and spent the night in a top of the line hotel suite with kitchen and jacuzzi tub included. Talk about amazing! They are seriously the kindest people and so generous to let us stay there those two days. Thank you!

On Friday we headed back down and attended AJ and Mary’s graduation ceremonies with family and friends and a trip to Zupas before heading back up to Park City where we shopped at the outlets and enjoyed dinner at Baja Cantina; amazing Mexican food, thanks Christie for the recommendation!

On Saturday we checked out and picked up some flowers for my Mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mother! You just can’t turn 29 without some pretty roses! That day I ran some errands with my mom and Natalie and then we enjoyed a sushi dinner at Windy’s Sukiyaki with Mary and Drew for the birthday dinner that night.

Sunday we attended Johnnie’s homecoming down in Provo and visited with family that we only see about once a year. It was a long and wonderful weekend full of friends and family and I am so glad that we were able to spend time with my Mom and Natalie while they’re here for a little while and see Mary and AJ finish their degrees. Yay!!
Quote of the Day:

Me: “You’re not under the sheet.”
AJ: “Sheets are for suckers.”

Me: “Clothes, jewelry, flowersshoes, bags.mmm! Women love them, you can’t go wrong.”

Me: “Will you let me look at your back?”
AJ: “It’s gonna cost extra.”
Me: “I’ll let you give me a massage.”

AJ: “Why you dancing?”
Me: “I was just looking at myself so I thought I’d do some dancing.”

[stuck behind a slow driver]
AJ: “Slow down! You’re in a rezidenchal area.”

It’s finals week around here but what makes it really special is that it’s AJ’s last finals week. Three more tests and he’s officially a graduate. With a Bachelors degree in Aviation Administration he’s one step closer to becoming a professional pilot. He’s planning on finishing his instrument rating this summer and then we’ll see what happens after that. It took me a while but I’ve finally learned to be patient when it comes to his career plans and to take future plans with a boulder-sized grain of salt. I’m proud of him nonetheless. This is a big accomplishment and I’m so happy he’s studying what he loves and will have a career that he’s passionate about the rest of his life.

In other news, my mom and my sister are coming this week. They’ll be here for two weeks to help celebrate birthdays and a few graduations. Then my mom will be back off to England again for the last run of their stay there while my sister will head off to a summer job in the Midwest. We’ve been cleaning the house in anticipation of their stay and have already begun yard work outside since the weather has been delightfully warm the last few days.

I’m excited for summer but with it comes a lot of new changes. We’ll be moving again and with AJ finishing school that will begin a whole new round of tests and applications in pursuit of his future plans. I’ll be getting a new boss or two with the new “year” starting the beginning of August and we’ll be taking a few vacations in between. I am always anxious for the changes because it gives me something to look forward to but I know they’ll come and go in the blink of an eye. I’ve realized recently that when we’re young we can’t wait to grow up so time seems to slide past at a nails pace but now that I’m an adult it flies past with barely a glimpse. I guess I better live it to it’s fullest while I still can.