10 things that make me really happy:

10. The smell of summer
9. GH in Logan
8. Drives with Natalie
7. Shopping
6. A good book
5. Spending time with family
4. Being out in the sun
3. Going on walks
2. Gooch’s welcome home party
1. Doing anything with AJ

This is day fourteen of the challenge.

We planted a garden over the weekend. I use the term “we” but it was mostly AJ and my sister. I mainly brought out drinks, moved the hose around, and took pictures of everything. It looks great though. They did a stupendous job and my mom would be so proud.

In honor of Mother’s Day, AJ got up and made banana pancakes for me in the morning. They were so yummy and the house smelled of pancakes late into the day. I gave the lesson in YW’s on testimonies and gave out little bags of jelly beans indicating that you don’t know the true flavor until you experience it for yourself.

When we got home, AJ made the best quesadillas with leftover chicken and cheese some avocado and black beans; so darn good. I absolutely love it when that man gets into the kitchen because he creates these masterpieces of a meal.

Later that day, we went over to his parents house to wish him mom a Happy Mother’s Day. Spending time at that house brings back so many memories of when we used to live there. I went out into the backyard to explore some old territory with Gooch and it really made me miss that house. I am literally out of my mind with bliss that it is practically summer. It was such a good, productive weekend and I already can’t wait for many, many more.

Today, for day 11 of the challenge, we’re assigned to sell ourselves in 10 words or less.

It’s actually a whole lot harder than it sounds. Ten words? I really really don’t want to do this but okay, let’s make it into a game. Selling each aspect of my life in ten words or less

Calendaring, travel, correspondence, files, mission tours, stake conferences

8 years, 5th grade through Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Makeup, hair, baking, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, photography

Degree in HR, 2 years experience, orientation, benefits, payroll, PTO

Violin, 8 years, private lessons, orchestra, scholarship, piano, 6 years

Extremely organized, perfectionist, strong, independent, ambitious, daredevil, introvert

I think that’s good.