We had just moved to Okinawa, Japan and were living in the Hamagawa Lodge. I was only six years old and one night we decided to take a walk down to the seawall because we’d learned it was nearby and had never seen one before. The seawall was merely a cement wall separating the streets and houses from the ocean itself. When we got there we could stand up on the top of it and see out into the ocean but by then it had gotten so dark that we could hardly see anything at all. 

We were all sitting there, me, my dad, two brothers, and my little sister, when suddenly a huge wave came up and crashed over the top of the seawall drenching us in water. We all stood there shocked when just as quickly another wave came and crashed against the wall a little ways down. We sat and watched as my dad ran over to the spot trying to get as much of the wave splashed over him. 

Suddenly it became a huge game of running back and forth along the seawall trying to guess where the next wave would hit, listening to the water rushing in, and seeing who could get the most drenched. We were all racing back and forth, laughing and screaming with glee, bumping into each other trying to catch the next big wave.

We had literally just landed in this strange and exotic place only a few nights before. Packed up our lives and moved to completely foreign streets, undiscovered cities, and unfamiliar people. We had no idea what we were doing or what this new place would be like but standing there on that seawall with my siblings and father soaking wet, laughing in the light of the street lamps, I knew this was going to be a place where a million new adventures were about to unfold and I couldn’t wait.


Is that not the happiest girl in the world? 
For today’s part of the May challenge, this is a favorite photo of myself on my first day of Kindergarten.
Just look at that outfit: new shirt and dress, matching pink socks and sandals, perfectly crimped hair (the crimper was pink), two evenly spaced barretts, perfectly poofed bangs, tiny stick on earrings, and a pink slap bracelet to top it off.   I. had. it. together.
Man I loved that dress. I think I had wished it had pockets but it was perfect and I wore it as much as I could. I think this is one of the few days where my hair actually was crimped because my mom was always busy and I couldn’t do it myself. I do believe my dad did it for me once and I remember he was so proud of himself for it. 
Those bangs. I had those bangs all the way to 4th grade. I could never get the poof just right on my own so my mom always had to do it. That is what began my love affair with hairspray. 
Thinking back on this photo, I don’t think I’d ever been more excited for anything than my first day of kindergarten. I could not wait to go to school. I even had a new pink bike that I could ride to school so that was really the cherry on top of this whole awesomeness.

“Something difficult about your lot in life” is the topic for today’s part of the challenge.

At first I thought this would be a post regarding something I could complain about. As I thought about it more I narrowed it down to something that is difficult in my life but is not something I would complain about.

Why? Because I chose it. I chose to endure and overcome this difficulty.

What is it? It’s flying. It encompasses every aspect of my life. It determines nearly every decision that I make and a lot of decisions that we make in our marriage.

I see marriage as a team and together we support each other’s dreams, goals, and every aspect of our lives. AJ’s dream and passion is flying and basically his life will not be complete until he accomplishes his goal of becoming a professional pilot.

It’s hard and it’s difficult but this is my difficult lot in life.

There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to a career path such as his. Where should he acquire his training and ratings? How will we pay for it? Should he go through the military? Should he go civilian and fork out a few ten grand? When can we start a family? How long will his ratings take to acquire? How soon will he have enough hours? How soon could he be hired by an airline?

It’s a constant battle and a constant struggle to figure things out and agree on the same things. I try not to talk about it too often because I could talk the topic to death but it’s great to hear his ideas and thoughts that I know he’s planning on the side on his own.

I know that it’ll all work out the way that it’s supposed to. Things will fall into place and we’ll go the route we’re supposed to take. I have complete faith in that. I have to believe that or quite frankly I’d go insane.

In the end, after all the brainstorming and struggle, I am so grateful for AJ. I’m grateful for his ambition, his hard work that he puts into flying and I’m even more grateful that he has such a passion for it. I’ve never met anyone who is more dedicated to their craft than this man is to his. He does what he loves and he’ll never work a day in his life.

For today’s post, as part of the May challenge, we’re to post a picture an hour of our typical day. If I did this for my typical Monday-Friday it would be 8 hours of my computer screen with a few pictures of my boss’s office and the ladies room mixed in. Not very fun. I have done a similar post such as this though so I’ll just link that here and you can see the main idea but over a weekend.

We’ll throw in a picture of the Gooch for good measure because who doesn’t love a good picture of a gooch?