I haven’t done a Q&A in a long time so I thought it’d be fun to share a few quick facts about me! This video answers all of the personal questions you asked on my instagram @MissySueBlog. I will post a separate video to answer all of your questions regarding hair. Feel free to ask any other questions down in the comments below. If there are any other types of videos you’d love to see from me please let me know! xo, Missy

Get to Know Me Q&A Questions:

1. What’s your favorite food
2. Do you like horses?
3. Do you like traveling?
4. Where is your favorite place to visit?
5. Which clothing brands are most of your clothes from?
6. What’s your favorite color?
7. Do you have any siblings?
8. What is your dream vacation spot?
9. If you could be a book character, who would you be?
10. When do you film all of your videos?
11. What editing software do you use?
12. What camera do you use?
13. What do you use for lighting?
14. Do you receive lots of hate? If so, how do you deal with it?
15. What did you want to be growing up as a child?
16. Which choices do you regret making? What do you want to do differently?
17. Who is your favorite singer?
18. Where is your bedding from? http://bit.ly/2qXHoDa
19. Do you practice a sport?
20. What is one thing about yourself that you don’t portray on YouTube/social media?
21. Would you rather watch a movie or read a book? What is your favorite book/movie?
22. What course did you do in college?
23. What did you do before blogging and youtube?
24. Is being a youtube and blogger your only job? Are you happy?
25. How did you and your husband meet?
26. Where did you and your husband get married?
27. What does your husband do for a living?
28. Do you guys want anymore kids?
29. If you were to have more kids, would you prefer a boy or girl?


Merry Christmas everyone! I know today’s a very important holiday but I wanted to quickly share a few of my favorite pictures from our family photoshoot. Taking these pictures with Cohen was definitely not the easiest thing in the world but I will forever cherish them because they perfectly depict him at this age; curious, always on his feet, exploring anything and everything. Pictures have always been so important to me and I’m so glad we’ll have these ones in Arizona forever. I hope you all have some very happy holidays and a fabulous new year! xo, Missy

On me: Lipstick ‘Party Line’ / Curling iron /  Sweater / Skirt / Watch / Boots |

AJ: Sweater / Shirt / Pants / Shoes

Cohen: Shirt / Sweater / Pants / Boots

All photos via Kaylee Chelsea Photography



I get so many questions about what I did to get my hair so long and today I am partnering with John Frieda to share 5 of my top tips for growing long {healthy} hair. It definitely didn’t happen overnight but these little beauty habits really helped keep my hair healthy and strong as it grew over the course of a few years. That sounds like forever and it felt like I would never have long hair, mine barely brushed my collar bone, but I promise it’s worth the wait and it can happen for you too!


5 Tips for Growing Long Hair
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We took a trip to the pumpkin patch with Cohen for the first time and it was so fun showing him all the pumpkins. He was completely obsessed with everything going on and loved using the pumpkins to steady himself while standing up.

Pumpkin Patch

Dutch Fishtail Side Braid / MAC ‘Please Me’ Lipstick  / J.Crew Shirt / J.Crew Vest {on sale!} / American Eagle Jeans – similar / Dolce Vita Booties / Cohen’s outfit / Sweet n Swag moccs c/o

Pumpkin Patch

Once he was standing he would always try to put the stem into his mouth. He couldn’t ever reach it but it was so funny watching him pull and tug on them. Every time he stood up he would also start slapping his palms against the pumpkins in excitement at having stood up on his own. It is so much fun doing new things with a baby because you get to experience it again as if it was the first time too. It makes everything so much more fun!

Pumpkin Patch

Cohen is nine months old now and getting close to walking. He hustles around the furniture all day long and can pull himself up with anything; even a completely flat wall! It scares me sometimes because he won’t even be holding on to anything except a flat surface and I have to sit next to him in case he falls quickly. I walk him around holding only one hand so hopefully he can learn to balance better.


He’s a great eater and will try anything you put in front of him. He gets cuter every day (biased, I know) and I seriously love hanging out with him all day long. I always sit on the ground so I’m nearby and he loves to come over, climb up to my shoulder, and then squeak at me. It’s so darn cute. It’s as if he’s saying, here I am!

Pumpkin Patch

He doesn’t like having a dirty diaper but always tries to roll away whenever I try to change him. He’s completely obsessed with Gucci and follows him around wherever he goes. His favorite toys are the TV remote, PS controller, an empty baby shampoo bottle, and his little Tyvek Tablet that my mom bought for him. He pushes things around under his hand as he crawls around the house and does a one footed scoot across the kitchen floor whenever I let Gucci out the back door.

Pumpkin Patch

AJ started officer training and graduates in December. After graduation, he’ll get assigned his aircraft and we’ll move to his assigned base. As of now, it’s between Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. We have no clue where we’ll end up going but are slightly leaning towards Texas so we’ll be closer to family in Utah. That’s really all we know but hopefully we’ll find out more soon!

Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch


donut-cohen-beach aj-cohen-beach-walkingsnorkeling-hawaiiaj-cohen-hawaii-beach turtle-hawaii-vacationcohen-me-hawaii-hotelcrown-braid-hawaiian-dressblack-sand-beach airport-beach-hawaiicohen-airport-beach-hawaiiaj-cohen-tube-hawaiicohen-hawaii-me-hatcohen-beach-hawaiicohen-aj-tubes-hawaiicohen-me-selfie-poolhawaii-black-hatcohen-hat-hawaii
donut-cohen-napping hawaii-vacation-2015

We recently returned from a relaxing vacation in Kona, Hawaii. It was absolutely glorious and exactly what I was hoping for. I had been bothering AJ to plan a trip sometime later this year and when we found out he was starting his flight training program earlier than expected we bought our tickets and flew to Hawaii as quickly as we could. We literally planned the trip within 1-2 weeks of leaving but somehow everything worked out in the end.

Twenty-four hours before our flight I caught a stomach bug and was so afraid it was going to ruin the trip. Luckily, by the morning of our flight I was feeling well enough for the 6 hour flight to Oahu followed by a hop over to Kona. AJ woke up the first morning in Kona with the same sickness so we spent the first day laying low, taking naps and lounging poolside.

We spent the following days exploring the island and found one of the most beautiful beaches either of us had ever seen. It was secluded with gorgeous white sand, and clear blue water; exactly what I had pictured for this week away. The bonus for AJ of course was that the airplanes coming in to land would pass right within view so he could happily call out which plane and airline it was from.

Spending the vacation with Cohen was definitely more difficult than when it was just us two but it was so fun to experience all the new things with him. He was so scared of the waves and would cling to us whenever one hit his tiny, chunky legs. He loved eating the sand and splashing around in the pool. He had so much curiosity for other people and it was so fun when someone would take notice of him and say how cute he was and make him smile. “Hello young family!”

The entire trip AJ and I kept saying to each other, “isn’t this great?” “this is such a fun trip!” It really was. I am so very, very grateful that we were able to go and spend the week together as a little family before AJ has to give all his time and attention to his training and we won’t see him as often.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a small glimpse into our little vacation and to anyone on their way to Hawaii or there right now, lucky lucky you (;