For Labor Day weekend, we headed down to St. George to visit my brother and his cute family. We spent the weekend eating at Waffle Love, cliff jumping at Sand Hollow, and learning how to play poker. I also decided to share a few clips of my recent hair appointment since I often get asked about my hair color.

I hope you enjoy seeing these highlights from our trip! Let me know if you’d love to see more vlogs in the future by commenting down below!

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Last weekend, I flew to San Antonio with my friend Emma for the One Shot Hair Awards. We spent the weekend exploring the area, shopping, and eating the local cuisine. Check out a flew clips from the show and what we did on our trip!

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Evening Dresses: Navy Dress | Red Dress | Pink Dress

Airport Outfit: Black Tank | Black Pants | Snake Mules

Day 1 Outfit: Ruffle Sleeve Top (similar) | Denim Shorts | Sandals

Day 2 Outfit: Navy Lace Camisole | White Skirt | Snake Mules | Necklaces | Earrings | Lips

Award Show Outfit: Pink Dress | Nude Heels | Lip Liner ‘Pillow Talk’ | Lipstick ‘Pillow Talk’


Take a peek into my life in this weeks vlog. My sister comes home from Argentina and I spend time with Cohen while AJ’s out of town. See what PR packages are opened this week and a little behind the scenes of all of those hair tutorials.

I’ve decided to give vlogging a try and share more behind the scenes of my daily life. So far, it’s been a lot of fun to film and edit these video blogs so I hope they’re something you enjoy watching as well.

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Here is the last vlog from our trip to Okinawa Japan!

I have edited and re-edited this video so many times. I can’t even tell you how happy I am it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and love seeing what we did on our trip this past summer.

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Last summer we went to Japan to visit my family. This vlog is a continuation of the other 3 vlogs I previously posted. It’s taken me forever to finally finish editing the last two vlogs so I hope you enjoy them! Be sure to let me know if you’d love to see more vlogs in the future!