A great blowout makes you look polished and put together. Many people run to a salon to achieve the look, but it is absolutely possible to do it yourself. Today I’m excited to be partnering with Pro Beauty Tools to help shed a little light on how to make blow drying your hair a little bit easier. Once you learn how to do it the right way, a great blow dry can last for days! Just follow these easy steps to pull off the look at home.

How to Blow Dry with a Brush Supplies:

For today’s tutorial I’m using a favorite blow dryer from Pro Beauty Tools. It’s sleek design and matte rubberized finish acts as a no-slip grip so it’s easy to hold while styling my hair. It also has a high-powered air flow so blow drying my hair is super quick which also helps minimizes the time my hair is exposed to the heat resulting in less frizz and heat damage. If you’ve been looking for a great blow dryer, be sure to check out this one at your local Target! At $39, it’s a steal!

Something else I want to quickly mention is the little nozzle that I always use when blow drying my hair. This little attachment nozzle works to centralize all the air from the dryer so you’re not just blasting heat all over the hair in different directions. It also makes it easy to line up with the brush so as you pull it through small sections of hair you can more easily follow the section down to the ends. Make sure to always point it downwards at the hair which will help minimize flyaways and get a smoother finish!

Prep: Before beginning any blow dry, let the hair dry until it’s about 70-80% dry. Brushing through sopping wet hair can tangle it up causing the strands to snag and snap. I love to let mine air dry while applying my makeup but you can also flip the head upside down and blow dry the hair underneath at the roots to give the hair a big boost of volume.

  • Step 1 / Begin by dividing the hair into sections. I love to create a horizontal part from ear to ear and clip up the top section to make blow drying smaller sections a little easier.
    • If you divide off the hair and work in small sections it makes round brushing it a whole lot easier. I split mine into 3 or 4 sections working in horizontal layers. If you skip this step and try to round brush all of your hair at once it’ll take a lot longer and can cause breakage since you won’t be able to really concentrate the brush like you can with smaller sections.
  • Step 2 / Grab a thermal round brush and place the brush underneath sections no larger than the brush itself. I am using a 1 3/4″ round brush here but there are a lot of different brushes to help you achieve the style you like best.
    • If your round brush has a metal core it’ll heat up like an iron so these work really well if you have longer hair. If you have a lot of flyaways then reach for a brush with boar bristles since this provides a little more tension and also works great on coarser hair too. Grab a small or medium sized brush if you want to have a bit of curl at the ends and a larger brush can really help give you a smoother, straighter style.
  • Step 3 / After placing your brush under the section, pull the hair taught, and then concentrate the dryer at the root. Pull the brush through the section towards the ends, following the brush with the dryer. Always point the nozzle of the dryer downwards to help prevent frizz and flyaway.
    • Your ends dry the quickest so focusing on the roots and mid-length of the hair first helps achieve the style more quickly while causing the least amount of damage.
  • Step 4 / Once the section is dry, continue picking up small sections of hair from this bottom layer and blowing it dry.
    • After brushing through a section and blow drying to the ends, let the hair cool down on the brush before moving on to the next section. This small step will help the hair set so your style lasts a little bit longer.
  • Step 5 / Once all of the hair from the bottom layer is dried, let down a new layer of hair and repeat the same steps until all of the hair from the new layer is dry.
  • Step 6 / Continue bringing down small sections of hair until you’ve reached the very top section of hair.
  • Step 7 / When drying the very top section hair hair, divide out horizontal sections of hair placing the brush behind the strands and drying the sections upwards to create extra volume and lift at the top of the head.

I really hope you loved this tutorial and found it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions! I’m excited to hear what you think and if you have any tips or tricks that I missed.  Be sure to let me know in the comments below! xo, Missy

Thank you to Pro Beauty Tools for sponsoring on this post! 


Accent braids are a great way to work a little bit of polish and flair into your look without a ton of effort. This part line accent braid is one of my new favorite styles and an easy way to update your look for the new Fall season.

Part Line Accent Braid Supplies:

  • Rattail comb
  • 2 Hair sectioning clips
  • 2 Bobby pins
  • Medium-hold hairspray

Part Line Accent Braid Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Begin creating a part on the left side.
  • Step 2 / Clip down the hair on the right side of the part line.
  • Step 3 / Now create a second part half an inch to the left and parallel to the first.
  • Step 4 / Pick up a small piece of hair near the top of the section and divide it into three smaller sections for the braid.
  • Step 5 / Begin a dutch braid by crossing the right strand under the middle and then cross the left strand under the middle.
  • Step 6 / Now begin incorporating new sections into the braid crossing the right strand under the middle, picking up a new section of hair and crossing it underneath and into the middle strand.
  • Step 7 / Then cross the left strand under the middle, pick up a new section of hair and cross it under and into the middle strand as well.
  • Step 8 / Now repeat those steps continuing the braid until reaches the forehead and all of the hair is brought in.
  • Step 9 / Then braid the rest of the section to the bottom in a regular three strand braid.
  • Step 10 / Criss-cross two bobby pins over the bottom of the braid so it doesn’t unravel.
  • Step 11 / Now take the braid and lifting the hair slightly, pin it against the head above the left ear.  Then lay the hair over the end of the braid to keep it hidden.


If you’re as obsessed with fishtail braids as I am, then you’ll love this new tutorial! Watch the video to learn how to create this beautiful double fishtail braid updo. Whether you’re heading to work, a school dance, or simply brunch, this style can be achieved in just a few simple steps. Let me know in the comments which hair tutorials you would like to see next!

Double Fishtail Braid Updo Supplies:

  • Rattail comb
  • Hair sectioning clip
  • 8-10 Bobby pins
  • Hair band

Double Fishtail Braid Updo Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Begin by parting the hair on the right side.
  • Step 2 / Then divide out the front section of hair from the part line down to the left ear and clip away the back hair.
  • Step 3 / Pick up a 1-2” section of hair near the parting lines and create a fishtail braid. To create a fishtail braid begin by splitting the section into two smaller pieces. Take a small sections from one side and cross it over the opposite side.
  • Step 4 / Continue the steps braiding the entire section of hair into a fishtail braid.
  • Step 5 / Once the braid reaches the bottom of the hair, criss cross two bobby pins over the bottom so it doesn’t unravel.
  • Step 6 / Now pick up a new section of hair right in front of the previous fishtail braid and braid this section into a second fishtail braid.
  • Step 7 / Once the braid reaches the ends, secure the bottom by criss crossing two bobby pins.
  • Step 8 / Next divide out a section of hair from the part down to the right ear and keep this separate from the back section.
  • Step 9 / Combine all of the back hair together into a low ponytail.
  • Step 10 / Wrap a hair band over the ponytail and on the last pass only pull the hair halfway through to create a loop.
  • Step 11 / Take small sections of the bun and bring them up towards the head, pinning them in place with bobby pins.
  • Step 12 / Repeat the previous step pinning 3 or 4 sections of hair.
  • Step 13 / Take the ends of the hair left out and roll these under the bun and tuck them into the hair band.
  • Step 14 / Now take the section of hair on the right side and drape this over the top of the bun and then wrap it around the bottom of the bun, pinning it in place as you go.
  • Step 15 / Then take the two fishtail braids and the rest of the hair on the left side and wrap this over the bun, pinning it on the right side of the bun.
  • Step 16 / Then tuck the ends underneath the bun and pinning them with bobby pins.

Here is a fun back-to-school hairstyle that is not only easy, but super cute. The side french braid is something of an old favorite of mine. Even though I have a super old tutorial for this style I thought it was time for an updated version.  This is not only a great everyday hairstyle but it’ll stay in all day too! I hope you love it and give it try! Good luck for everyone going back to school! xo, Missy

Side French Braid Supplies:

  • Rattail comb
  • 2 Clear elastic bands
  • Medium-hold hairspray

Side French Braid Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Start by parting the hair on the right side.
  • Step 2 / Divide out a section of hair to frame the face and tuck it out of the way.
  • Step 3 / Next take a small section of hair and near the part line and divide it into three smaller pieces.
  • Step 4 / Begin a french braid by crossing the right strand over the middle and then cross the left strand over the middle.
  • Step 5 / Now cross the right strand over the middle then pick up a new section of hair and cross it into the middle strand as well.
  • Step 6 / Then cross the left strand over the middle and add a new section into the braid.
  • Step 7 / Repeat those steps continuing the french braid, adding hair in from along the part line and from along the hairline.
  • Step 8 / As the braid continues and reaches the top of the head, begin bringing in sections of hair towards the right side so it sweeps around the back of the head, into the braid.
  • Step 9 / When all of the hair is brought in, continue the braid a little further down and then pull on the edges to make it bigger.
  • Step 10 / Tie off the end of the braid with a clear elastic band.
  • Step 12 / Divide out a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic band and then tie another elastic band underneath the wrapped section to secure the wrapped section.


Have you already tried and loved the pull through braid?

Today’s tutorial is a fun new way to wear it and a great hairstyle for back-to-school. If you’re new to the pull through braid, I guarantee you’ll love it because it’s not actually a braid. It’s fairly easy to learn and one of the trendiest styles around.

If you love this look, then you won’t want to miss the Pull Through Side braid, traditional Pull Through BraidHalf Up Pull Thru Braid or even the 3 Strand Pull Through Braid!

Pull Through Braid Low Bun Supplies:

  • Paddle brush
  • Clear elastic bands
  • Bobby pins
  • Medium-hold hairspray

Pull Through Braid Low Bun Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Start by brushing all of the hair back from the forehead.
  • Step 2 / Divide out a section of hair at the top of the head and tie it off with an elastic band.
  • Step 3 / Clip this first ponytail out of the way
  • Step 4 / Divide out a second section of hair right underneath the first and tie this off with another elastic band.
  • Step 5 / Let down the first ponytail and divide it into two equal halves.
  • Step 6 / Bring the second ponytail up through the middle and clip it out of the way.
  • Step 7 / Divide out a new section of hair underneath the last ponytail and tie it together with the two halves from the first ponytail.
  • Step 8 / Now let down the clipped section, divide it into two halves and bring the bottom ponytail up through the middle, clipping it out of the way.
  • Step 9 / Then divide out a new section of hair and tie it together into a new ponytail along with the two split halves from the previous ponytail.
  • Step 10 / Repeat those steps continuing the pull through braid until all of the hair is included in the braid.
  • Step 11 / Now go back over the loops and gently pull on the edges to make them larger and more full.
  • Step 12 / For the bun, take the elastic band from the last ponytail and pull the hair back out about halfway to form a loop.
  • Step 13 / Gently pull small pieces of the loop in opposite directions to add a bit of texture to the hair.
  • Step 14 / Take the top section of hair from the pull through braid, twist it together and pull on the edges to make it fuller.
  • Step 15 / Wrap it underneath the bun and then lay it across the top of the bun, pinning the sides with bobby pins.
  • Step 16 / Take the remaining hair, twist it together and lay it over the bun in the opposite direction, gently pulling on the twist to make it fuller and then pin it against the head like the previous section.
  • Step 17 / Spray the style with a medium-hold hairspray and smooth down any flyaways.