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Hey girlies!
This hairstyle is so simple you’ll laugh and wonder why I even did a tutorial for it. It’s my go-to, never-fails updo when I want my hair off my neck and out of my face. It’s face, simple, and easy to do. So I thought I’d share in it’s easiness so you can enjoy it too :)

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Have a lovely weekend!
You’re wondeful!

Quote of the Day:
“You’re a babe and I love your everything especially that rockin’, smokin’, can’t-take-me-eyes-off-them personality.”

I wanted to do the head braid without a part so I started the braiding right above my left ear then worked my way around and wrapped the end behind the starting point. I really loved this look because from straight-on there isn’t a part showing where I started and finished the braiding. The ladies at work all had me explain how I did it because it looked so complicated but we all know it really isn’t :)