Being able to smooth wavy and frizzy hair is as easy as having the right tools on hand.

When I let my hair air dry it turns into a tangle of twists, waves, and frizz. Smoothing it down is a daily battle but one I have come to master by always keeping two key tools in my hair kit. The trick is straightening the hair halfway down before curling the ends. This ensures that the hair near the head falls flat and even throughout.

For the quick steps, simply keep reading:

1 / Grab your favorite heat protectant spray and it mist it through your strands. If you are using hot tools ever day you definitely want to use this right along with them.

2 / Separate the hair at the top of the ear and tie it off with a hair band. Using the straightener, slide it from root to mid shaft to smooth out the frizz.

3 / Reach for your favorite curling iron (I love the 1 1/2″ barrel), and with a 1″ section of hair curl the hair away from the face from mid-shaft down to the ends.

4 / Release the curl and let it hang down to cool.

5 / Repeat steps 2-4 for the rest of your hair.

6 / When working on the top section, start the curl at eye level which is the most flattering. To create a looser wave, hold the curling iron in for less time and leave the very tips of the hair out. How to Smooth Naturally Wavy Frizzy hair 1


Hairstyles with a bow are a great way to change up your look. See how I wore it for this post, get a thicker ponytail.

I always find myself buying these cutesy hair accessories and then watch them pile up in my drawer. They are so eye catching and when purchased, a million promises run through my mind with all the many occasions it will be worn. For some reason though it never happens. As I sat and stared at this bow sitting on my desk, tag still intact, I decided I was going to come up with a bunch of ways to wear it with simple hairstyles. I hope you enjoy them; they’re pretty much all my favorite.

Bow from Forever 21{similar}

A new year has begun and with it comes the chance to change up your style. These four simple additions will keep your look fresh and on trend for the new season.

1. Statement Earrings
Skip the necklace and show off a pair of beautiful chandelier earrings; (DIY coming soon!)

Statement Earrings

2.Β Hair Accessories
Clips and barrettes with pretty details add flair to your hair.

Bow Clip

3. Shoe AccessoriesΒ 

Give your shoes an easy upgrade by adding a pretty crystal design to the top.
DIY Statement Shoes

4. Statement Necklaces
Instantly upgrade any outfit with a quick snap of the clasp.

Statement Necklace