Braid 4-Half Up Bohemian Braids is the newest version of the Bohemian Side Braids. A traditional feel with a modern twist.

Say hello to your new, jazzed up, half-do.

I love this style because it feels edgy yet chic and so simple you can’t help but think, “Why haven’t I worn this before?!”

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Here are the steps to creating this awesome ‘do!

1 / Start by taking a section of hair on the lighter side of the part.

2 / Separate this section into three equal pieces for the french braid.

3 / Begin a french braid but pull in skinny strands to create a pieced look.

4 / Only pull in strands until you reach the ear then continue braiding in a single braid until it reaches the center of the back of the head.

5 / Take a skinny section of hair from the heavy side of the part and add it into the braid.

6 / Repeat step five with two or three more strands.

7 / Tie off the braid with a clear elastic band.

8 / Done, dearest!



Double Dutch Braids and Bun | MissySue.com

Braid 3-Double Dutch Braids and Bun is a spinoff from Double Dutch Headband Braids.

It is sleeker with a smoother connection and tossed into a chic bun at the bottom. I love these braids. I live for them. I could wear my hair braided along the top wrapped into a bun every day of the week!

If you are a pro braider and want to take your skillzzzz up a notch try out this double dutch braid. You will be singing praises when it works out; not to mention your arms will thank you once you finally get it right.


Here are some steps to achieving the style:

1 / Separate the hair into two vertical sections from your part down to the left ear.

2 / Take the front section and tie it off.

3 / With the back section begin a dutch braid.

4 / When you braid in the back strand cross it underneath the other two strands and clip it off. Then bring in a piece of hair to replace that strand.

*You will create an upside down waterfall braid to create a more seamless look between the two braids.

5 / When you have braided all the way down the head, tie the strand off so it doesn’t unravel.

6 / Now, taking the front section, braid this into a regular dutch braid.

7 / When the strands meet at the bottom of the first braid gather all  the hair into a ponytail.

8 / Tie off the hair with an elastic band.

9 / Take a section of the ponytail and wrap the strand back over the band and tuck it in so it creates a loop.

10 / Repeat step 9 for the rest of the ponytail until you  have created a donut bun.

11 / Finish with hairspray, smoothing down any flyaways; or if that was too darn complicated to understand there’s always the video (:




Braid 2-Three Braided Buns is a great spin on Three Twisted Buns. I did that tutorial two years ago, which seems crazy, but love it so much I wanted to use it in this new series. Throw each twist into a braid and you have a chic new hairstyle.

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Follow these steps to get your own version of the look:
1 / Divide the hair into three equal section, left, middle, and right.
2 / Braid a section into a single braid and tie it off with a hair band.
3 / Repeat step two for the other two sections.
4 / Take one braid and wrap it around into a bun.
5 / Secure the bun with hair pins.
6 / Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other two braids.
7 / Finish with hairspray!


Braid 1-Mini Sideswept Dutch Braid is the dressed up version of the Dutch Braided Headband + Side Braid.

It’s a teeny, tiny braid tucked away behind the ear. Since I love wearing my hair swept to the side I thought to myself “how would my mom braid my hair if I asked for a sideswept braid?” I immediately separated a section right above my ear and started braiding, knowing this was exactly how she would do it; elegant and classy, just like her.

My mom braided my hair throughout my entire youth. My very own Mindy from “Cute Girls Hairstyles.” She taught me everything I know and I am so very, very grateful for it!

I hope you enjoy the first braid in the new series, 20 Braids for Spring!

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