This might be weird to admit but one of the first things I thought about when I contemplated the upcoming new year was hair trends. What’s in, what’s out. Well I’ve got a few for you right here from Harper’s Bazaar.

The Urban Wave
“The beachy wave has given way to the urban bend—a loose, louche curve in the hair that’s effortlessly cool and made to look like the models did it themselves. The street-ready style only requires a rough blow dry, subtle curl with the iron, and raking through with the hands to create the right amount of undone-ness.”

“The ponytail is back. But did it ever fall out of favor? The versatile horsetail was worn low and flat, as seen at Reed Krakoff and Ports 1961, tucked under and sectioned off, witnessed at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Herve Leger, or super slicked and damp, as noted at Diesel Black Gold and Donna Karan.”

Embellished Updos
“Imaginative touches defined the season’s most memorable updos. At Yves Saint Laurent, teased chignons were secured with cage barrettes, hair pins and errant strands looked chic sticking out at Phillip Lim, feathers made a striking statement at Jason Wu, and pearl-adorned knots stole the show at Chanel.”

Bigger Blowouts
” “Light,” “gorgeous,” and “rich” were just some of the words stylists used to describe this season’s voluminous, bouncy blowouts. It’s a return to elegance that doesn’t require much in the way of high-tech tools either. Simply apply a generous amount of mousse, set hair in pin curls, then release and tousle.”

Braids and Twists
“Braids got a graceful makeover for spring. Hairstylists created pretty plaits and that swooped around the head, playfully exposing the neck at Valentino, or cascaded down the full length of the back at Michael Kors. At Armani, the inspiration was an elegant woman who’s pinned her hair up without much thought but looks all the more stylish for doing so.”

Glistening Strands
“It might be the most low-maintenance look of the season. Wet, barely-wrung hair has a youthful innocence that’s also glamorous when paired with bold eyes or lips. Hairstylist Guido championed the trend at numerous shows, saturating strands with argan oil to arrive at a glossy finish all over or just at the roots.”

Read more: Harper’s BAZAAR

I admit I’m not the biggest fan of that wet look. I don’t think I could stand going to work with my hair dripping wet still or even adding oil in it to keep the look all day. I am all for the braids and twists. Of course. I want to start broadening my scope with it soon. This urban wave has me a bit boggled. I’m not quite how to approach it yet and get the complete look. Something I ought to try out. As for blowouts and ponytails. Yes yes please. Love these, always will. Glad they’re here to stay.


This is just a quick video showing how to french braid, dutch braid, and rope braid! I hope you enjoy it!


A reader asked about a tutorial for my hairstyle in the side braid tutorial with my sister as the model so this is how I got that look. I used a 1 inch Hot Tools curling iron to get my curls. I hope you find it useful!


Part 1:

Part 2:

Hey I hope you had a wonderful weekend! They’re never long enough and I can’t believe I’m already back at work.  What’d you do over the weekend?

We went up to Logan on Saturday and visited our friends the Coy’s. They have a new baby boy who is the cutest thing ever. We went out to Texas Roadhouse with them and saw some old friends. Later we visited with the Olsen’s and they got to officially meet AJ. Sunday we had family dinner at Johnnie’s and then visited the Soares for a holiday appetizer party. We invited them over to have dinner with us tonight so obviously we’ve been pretty busy just out and about visiting friends and family.

I wore this hairstyle to church on Sunday and I think about seven people came up and asked how I had done it. So lucky you, I’ve got the tutorial right here so you can sport it too.

Can’t wait for the Christmas break! Four day weekend coming right up!


To get this cool braid, make one strand of the braid skinnier than the other two. Then when you braid it it will wrap around and create a rope effect.

If you prefer a more messy braid gently tug more of the hair out of the braid. I would prefer to give some of the loose hairs a little curl but my model preferred it straight. Hopefully this tutorial was helpful!