I realize it’s not exactly like Blake’s style but she’s got such long gorgeous hair that she can easily do that bun whereas I must improvise. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the tutorial and I hope you had a fab Monday yesterday.

Quote of the Day:
“I gotta take a shower tonight?”

“Cuz my bum itches.”

“It was a truck that was low to the ground with really big rims.”
“Oh yeah, jacked out. Maxed out?  “
“Pimped out.”

Oh my, my hair looks a little crazy at the beginning of this video. I always try the hairstyle before I film it and I think I was in a hurry or something. It looks like I just rolled out of bed.

Also, I’m hoping to dye my roots soon. They’re getting that dirty look.
How often do you dye your hair? I always want to refresh my color every two weeks and that’s almost impossible.

This look is kind of crazy. What do you think of it?


Here is my first tutorial from my previous post about tutorial requests. I thought it was a look I could easily tackle and felt very girly and feminine sporting it around. It was a quick style and I really liked the finished look. I think it’s definitely something I will start doing as one of my regular hairstyles. Truthfully I didn’t have enough hair to pull off four buns like the pinterest photo but it still worked out with only three.


Do you have a favorite hairstyle that you’d like to see a tutorial for?
Let me know about it.
Or just vote on any of these gorgeous beauties.
Whatever suits your fancy.


Yay for front braids.
I think these are my must every time I wear my hair down. I was trying to grow my bangs out for so many months that now when I wear them down I just feel like I have a big furry creature inhabiting my forehead. Of course, it can get so boring to just always wear a regular french braid so I thought I’d try and switch things up and give them a new twist.
What do you think?