I saw this really cute hairstyle on pinterest and thought I’d give it a try. I tried wrapping it like the pictures show but ended up with a slightly different look. It seems very Little House on the Prairie to me. I found a similar look that I think I’ll try out later. Have you tried this look?

How was your weekend?

Mine was too short; it always is but no one likes a complainer.

On Saturday we went to the Le Nonne restaurant in Logan. It was a nice place and the bread and pesto they started us with was delicious. When our meals came however we were both a little disappointed. We’re not ruling the whole place out of course because we both think we simply ordered poorly. I usually ask for what’s most popular on the menu and this time just went with what I thought would be good. We both got ravioli’s but it wasn’t really ravioli. It looked like three layers of lasagne noodles with spinach and ricotta wrapped inside then swimming in a cube of melted butter. AJ’s had veal and he kept saying it tasted gritty. They were very rich dishes and I could barely gulp down half of it before I gave up trying to eat it.
I finished the first two seasons of Downton Abbey and we’ve continued our trek through the first season of Heroes. Have you watched either of these? How do you like them? Downton Abbey seems too rushed for me. A disaster happens but by the end of the episode it’s resolved. I wish they spend a little more time hammering out the details.
On Sunday, I wore this hairstyle to church and when AJ and I had to teach the 13 year old class, the girls were so amazed by my hair. So hopefully it’s something you’ll try out. Afterwards we took a drive and cruised through the surrounding area of where we’re possibly going to live come Spring. It’s crazy to think we’re starting over and will need to find new favorites like grocery stores, restaurants, redbox’s, gas stations etc. We also browsed around looking for other apartment complexes that we might’ve skipped over in the beginning of our search.

It was a nice laid-back weekend. I love being able to spend time with just AJ without a lot of happenings and get-togethers. I did have a number of quotes to share but unfortunately most of them are inappropriate. Think Michael Scott from the Office. I hope your weekend was wonderful.

It’s Friiiiday!!!!
Who came up with these words? Friday should be Yayday. Monday should be Moanday. [That sounds dirty.] Wednesday, Humpday. Or Midday if you’re not into the hump. Whatever. I’m just happy tomorrows Saturday. Can you even believe February is almost over? It’s like the most dreaded month of the year because it’s so dreary and it’s already almost over. It’s amazing. What are you doing this weekend?

I really want to go to an Italian restaurant I just found out about called Le Nonne . It’s up in Logan and I have a secret love affair with the city of Logan. Why don’t I just move there? I should. It’s supposed to be amazing food according to my boss man and the owner is Italian so he knows his stuff apparently.

I recently started the TV series Downton Abbey. Have you seen it? I’ve heard people at work rave about it and when we talk about it they always say, “Just wait, it gets better;” like some crazy dragon is gonna pop out and start eating everyone. It’s drama but it’s not out of this world awesome. Maybe it does get better.

We’ve had roofers at our house the past two days fixing it from the big wind storm. We’ve started packing up some stuff in boxes particularly the kitchen necessities since we haven’t used any of wedding gifts because we moved into a house stock-piled with everything anyone would ever need.

I keep thinking about this new apartment we’re probably moving into. Probably because we haven’t sign the lease but they’re holding it for us. It’s just expensive. More expensive than I’ve ever paid and I guess it’s because we’re paying for two of us instead of having a roommate to split it with. It seems like a lot and then they stack on utilities, renters insurance, internet and cable. Uh! curse the technology world that we live in with it’s cable bills and internet access. Ha, I would perish without it. We also have zero furniture except our bed. I looked online a bit for a couch and it seems exasperating. Used or new? Black or brown? Leather or microfiber? It just makes me want to lay down and plank right on the carpet. *sigh. Drama on the home front. I should just stop thinking about it and go make some oatmeal.


If you don’t have time for the whole video, jump to the end and you’ll catch a little “AJ Intervention” (:

I hope you’re having a good hump day. I think we finally found a place to live! So exciting. It’s closer to my work but still close to my siblings and parents house. It’s so fun to be moving, living in our own place, and embarking on a new adventure. Though it is just an apartment. I’m addicted to moving. It’ll be stressful, nerve-wracking, and exciting all in one. I’m gonna be all over pinterest finding decorating ideas and easy ways to store stuff. I’ve been waiting for this for a year and half!


I’ve seen looks floating around featuring knots and I thought I’d see what kind of hairstyle I could come up with. It was a little difficult to do but I think the finished look has a touch of elegance. What do you think?