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Tuck and Cover French Braid Video Tutorial is the highly requested tutorial for Braid #7 in the 20 Braids for Spring series.

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing all of these alternative version of the original Tuck and Cover. Of course, I never imagined it would come to this but it is great nonetheless.

Do tell me, which Tuck and Cover’s are your favorites and what other varieties you would like to see. Maybe coming up with other neat ways to wear the style is my job but, I promise you, I have always got my thinking cap on so we’ll see what I can come up with next.

T&C French Braid Video | MissySue.com
T&C French Braid Video | MissySue.com
T&C French Braid Video | MissySue.com

Follow these quick steps to achieve your own French Braid Tuck and Cover.

Step 1 / Separate a section of hair from the part down to the left ear.

Step 2 / Grab your favorite hair band and lay it over the head resting where the horizontal part was created.

Step 3 / Now, gently pull loose the hair on the very top of the head so it rests over the band.

Step 4 / Take a section of hair between the forehead and headband and divide it into two pieces.

Step 5 / Next take a small section in line with the other two on the other side of the headband.

Step 6 / Begin a French Braid by tucking the side strands under the middle.

Step 7 / When pulling in hair from behind the headband, keep the strand small so the band peeks through.

Step 8 / Continue braiding until you reach the top of the left ear.

Step 9 / Now tuck the strands into the headband to create the first loop of the Tuck and Cover.

Step 10 / Continue pulling up sections of hair and looping them through the band.

Step 11 / Once you reach the back of the head, switch to the right side and repeat steps 9 and 10.

Step 12 / When all the hair is gently tucked into the band, finish with hairspray and a swipe of red lipstick.

Check out the other versions of this hairstyle.

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Tuck and Cover French Braid

Tuck and Cover French Braid Video Tutorial

Tuck and Cover Fishtail Braids


Flower Crown Braid is a great way to adopt the flower wearing trend this Spring.

Tiny buds and big blossom are popping up on the most stylish heads around. They are modern and interesting but should be a little unexpected. Opt for red roses, little daisies, or pretty pink buds. The bigger you go the more eccentric the look will be. For a feminine look, choose small, soft flowers.

They look best on rough, undone hair, but a pretty braid can look perfect with them too.

Check out this post, How to Wear a Flower Crown, for more great tips on styling a flower crown.


Follow these steps to get the look:

Step 1 / Beginning with a part on the right side, separate a section of hair on the heavy side of the part.

Step 2 / Start a Dutch Braid and continue braiding the front portion of the hair until reaching the left ear.

Step 3 / Pin off the braid.

Step 4 / Divide out the top most portion of the hair; right around the crown and clip it out of the way.

Step 5 / Place the flower crown (mine is from AEO) behind the braid and tie it in the back.

Step 6 / Let down the top portion that was clipped off.

Step 7 / Pick up the braid and continue dutch braiding around the back of the head.

Step 8 / Add in any fabric strands from the crown and incorporate them into the braid.

Step 9 / When the braid reaches the right ear, angle it upwards so it can settle behind the flower crown.

Step 10 / Lay the braid behind the crown and pin it against the head.

Step 11 / Gently loosen the braid by pulling on the edges.

Step 12 / Spritz with hairspray to smooth down any flyaways.


Another great way to style your hair is by prepping damp hair with mousse then finger combing it as you run a hair dryer from root to end. Top it with your flower crown or toss it into a low messy knot.

If you prefer flower pins over crowns then try placing a couple to one side of the forehead, with your hair down, for a look that is imperfect. The style is worn best when the pins look as though they are casually placed, without over thinking it.

Find your own Flower Crown!
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braid-ideas20 Braids Try-Outs are the braids that didn’t make it into the 20 Braids for Spring series.

They are all beautiful braids but sometimes the video didn’t work out or the pictures were blurry and I had to revert to another hairstyle in the braiding repertoire notebook.

Either way, I wanted to share them with you because even though the series is now over, the blog is not going anywhere.

Tell me,  which are your favorites?

Which braids would you love to still see tutorials for later on?

Let me know because I have got some other great ideas in the works!