Yesterday AJ came to have lunch with me at City Creek and on our way to the food court a woman asked for directions to get to Macys.
[*Note, the new City Creek is an outside mall meaning all doors go straight outside.]

Woman: How do I get to Macy’s?
AJ: You can go out those doors and make a right.
Woman: Is there another way?
Me: You can go out these doors and it’s a few buildings down.
Woman: You mean I have to go outside?
Me: Ummmyes.
Woman: Well, I don’t think I’ll be coming here again.
{A conversation on the elevator with an older couple]Woman: What floor kid?
Me: P4

Man: Look at those tiger shoes.
[Everyone looks down at my shoes]Man: Or are they alligator or lizard?
Me: They’d be a lot more expensive if they were.

Woman: Let me see your hair.
[I turn my head; it’s a side dutch braid to bun deal]Woman: Oh wow, my hair won’t do that.

Man: Neither will mine.

my tiger shoes

Happy Hump Day!

I’m still getting my days all mixed up. I thought yesterday was Wednesday and was so ready to paint my toe nails while watching ANTM when Ringer came on instead. I was so confused, sad, and distraught when I realized it was only Tuesday. So of course I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday. Why is this happening!?

By the way, have you ever heard of Burn Notice? We just started watching it on Netflix and it is my new favorite love. We’ve been watching a show or two every night cuddled up before falling asleep.

How’s your spring going? I am loving it. Can’t wait for pool time (:


Since my house is still a disaster I’m pretty much just working on ideas right now for future tutorials. I’m really thinking about doing a Victoria Secret curls look and I’d love to master a fishtail ‘french’ braid style.

On another note, I noticed this morning that my hair is really red. Like a deep reddish brown since trying to ombre it last week. The box said dark blonde but can you really ever trust box dye kits?

Lately I’ve been really craving sewing. I found the blog MADE and I am pretty much obsessed with how many things that woman can sew. I don’t usually sew but I think it’d be fun to start getting a little more crafty. I guess I’d have to get some sort of sewing machine first.

[Image Sources: 1: emagister / 2: pinterest / 3: weddingbee / 4: shesitspretty / 5: luckypony ]

It’s official. AJ’s folks are coming home today. Today. It’s finally here. After a year and a half, they’re already back. It went so fast and yet at the beginning it seemed like forever away. Funny how time does that.

We’ve been packing like fools lately. Just filling and stacking boxes like it’s going out of style. I’m so nervous about moving the big stuff like our dressers and bed. I can’t wait til it’s over and done.

(Getting ice cream)
Me: “No I don’t want one.”
[what I heard]
AJ: “Will you shower with me?”
Me: “No I showered yesterday.”
AJ: “What?”
Me: “What’d you say?”

AJ: “Will you share with me?”

(Eating dinner)
Me: “I was going to ask you something but now I can’t remember what it was.”

AJ: “What’s your favorite color? What’s the maximum airspeed velocity of a sparrow?”

(Before watching a movie)

Me: “I need to shower.”
AJ: “No. I showered this morning.”
Me: “.Huh?”


[Photo credits 1, 2]

Do you have tickets to the Hunger Games yet? I do not but I plan to see it soon. I decided I’d rather avoid the heavy crowds and lines and see it a very days late. But on to more important matters. The Katniss braid. Her braid is actually a fairly simple Dutch Braid, the upside down French braid, continued down into a side braid. You can see my tutorial here for a Dutch Braid and a similar tutorial here for the side braid.

I haven’t been this excited for a movie since ever.