I get asked this question fairly often but I’ll let you in on my secret. Usually, I do it myself.

There have been times when I’ve gone into a salon but I prefer to do it myself.  Since I’ve been sporting the au naturale look a lot lately I finally decided that I needed a small boost of color. So here is my method.

Really, any highlighting kit will work. Revlon works really well with my hair type but I’ve also used L’Oreal’s highlighting kit so I’d recommend that as well. 
The key to looking natural is to pull thin wispy strands of hair through only the large circles. The thicker the chunks of hair, the thicker the highlights and the more noticeable they’ll be. I like to keep mine subtle so I also only pull hair through the circles around my face and slightly back on the crown. 
Mix the highlight powder with the developing cream and begin applying the color to your hair. I only put the color on my roots leaving out my ends because they are already blonde from previous bleaches and I don’t want to over process them.
When enough product is applied, cover the hair with the bag that is supplied with the kit. Leave on for the allotted time. I usually do about 30 minutes to ensure I don’t have a yellow tint and get a white blonde color instead.
After the time is up, rinse out the bleach from the pulled strands before pulling off the cap. Finish by washing and conditioning your hair with the supplied shampooing packet.
Voila! Subtle blonde highlights! 
Do you dye your hair at home? I’d love to hear your methods and secrets for getting gorgeous color.


What’s your favorite way?
It’s just too bad the only way to grow out your bangs is to grow out your bangs. The key word is grow here. It’s such a long and arduous process considering I have to work so hard at doing nothing while they grow by themselves. Yet on those occasional moments when the scissors start whispering sweet nothings into my ear, I have to stop whatever I’m doing and slowly back out of the bathroom so I don’t go go chopping those babies.


I go through the same cycle every year. I cut my bangs in the fall and then try and grow them out the following year. Then I cut them, grow them, you get it. I realized that I just love bangs. I love the way they look. They are so soft and feminine and just add that extra oomph. I think some people are truly meant to have bangs and others not. I am not the latter. I try and try to grow them out then give in and chop them. What to do, what to do. I guess since it’s not Fall yet [when I normally cut them] I’ll just keep growing them. See how far I can get. What about you, I’m curious to hear what you think? Do you like bangs or no bangs better?

This dutch braid wrap is a great hairstyle for those hot summer days!
This tutorial is different than many others because it wraps over itself at the end. It can also be done with a cute messy bun below the left ear or loosened up a bit simply by tugging on the edges of the braid. To see how to dutch braid, click to view this quick video!

cuz you know that can’t be the end

Gorgeous darling!
Now go show the world your skillz.