A really fun and easy looped bubble bun!
Here are the quick steps:
1 / Pull all the hair up into a high ponytail.
2 / Wrap a hair elastic around the ponytail, create a hole above the band, and flip the hair through the hole. creating a “loop ponytail”
3 / Repeat step 2 working down the length of the ponytail.
4 / Loosen the loops by gently pulling the hair out on the sides.
5 / Now, wrap the ponytail around the crown of the head, circling the first hair elastic.
6 / Pin the hair down creating a bun!
Quote of the Day:
Mom: “Jacob your face is really sunburned”
Jacob: “I know, I put on sunscreen”
Mom: “Did you wear your rash guard?”

Jacob: “Yes”

Me: “Too bad they don’t make rash guards for your face.”

Chase: “You could use a ski mask.”

Jacob: “If you’re swimming in the pool wearing a┬áski mask the neighbors are gonna think you’re stealing it.”

I don’t really have a video for this and I’m kind of sad about it. It’s two water fall braids which I’ve kind of shown here and here. I really want to do a video just showing the waterfall braid but I feel bad constantly asking Sarah if she’ll sit patiently for half-an-hour while I set up the camera, position the lighting, and film the process. She’s been such a good sport about it when I do ask her. I really appreciate her willingness to help me out. Maybe I’ll be able to get to it in the next few days. Cross your fingers. 
I have to say though, when I was putting these pics together I thought to myself, “if I could steal something and get away with it, it would definitely be Sarah’s hair, hands down.” 

Parts of this video are really dark and I apologize for that. My tripod recently signed up for disability because its current compensation just wasn’t cutting it. I really ought to buy a new one because my screwdriver ran off with the spoon and my current replacement, a trash bin on top of the dresser, is afraid of heights. 
I’ll see what I can do about employing a lamp sometime between now and my next video. 


Easy Heidi Braids
I love it when Sarah let’s me play with her hair. It’s hard to deny her
gorgeous hair color that she was blessed with. It’s so long and luscious too that I am always asking her if I can try out a cute style. I’m lucky she’s always happy to let me and even more lucky that she’s my sister.