Wrap Around French Side Braid is a combination of a French Braid Headband and Side Swiped French Braid; two french braids that meet at the back to create one seamless hairstyle.

The first braid trails from the right side of the head, across the back of the head and ends in a side braid. While the other braid, traipsing across the forehead, wraps the opposite way meeting the first braid in the middle.

Once you get the hang of French braiding, this hairstyle will be a breeze! Now, let’s get started!

Wrap Around French Side Braid
Wrap Around French Side BraidWrap Around French Side Braid
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Twisted Low Ponytail is a spin on the Sleek Low Pony.

I wanted to step outside the box and try something a little bit crazy. Low ponytails are so in right now and creating an alternative to the traditional look is right up my alley. Why not throw in some fun twists and loops, hiding the elastic band along the way. It’s different, it’s fun, why not?!

Twisted Low Ponytail | MissySue.com

Twisted Low Ponytail | MissySue.com

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Half Up Mermaid Braid is a front lace braid that finishes in a mermaid style half up braid. It is a great braid for wearing during the Summer months because it keeps hair out of the way but is perfect for those who love wearing their hair down.

This hairstyle was another one of those moments when I stood in the bathroom trying to do a different hairstyle. I tried it over and over again and finally frustrated, stopped and started braiding however I wanted. This hairstyle was the result and I immediately knew it would make a perfect tutorial.

Half Up Mermaid Braid | MissySue Half Up Mermaid Braid | MissySueHalf Up Mermaid Braid | MissySueHalf Up Mermaid Braid | MissySue View Post

Two Dutch Braids – 6 Hairstyles features unique ways to style two side Dutch braids.

Dutch braids are my absolute favorite because they are easy to do and always look so chic! With summer hereΒ and my “no heat” challenge in full swing I have been putting on my thinking cap every single day, delving into many new ideas for hairstyles.

Since wearing Dutch braids is one of my go-to look’s, I thought it would be fun to share six ways that I have been wearing the two braids!

If you’re not feeling the steps, there’s a video tutorial at the bottom, yay!

Two Dutch Braids - 6 Hairstyles | MissySue.com

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