Half Up Dutch Braids is a great hairstyle for Summer and just so happens to be the exact reverse version of Braid 11-Half Up French Braids. I love both these hairstyles for summer because they have such a bohemian vibe that I think jives perfectly with the carefree feeling of the season.

I will confess that I am already looking forward to Fall. It is my absolute favorite season with cozy sweaters, plum hued lip stains, and nightly reads by a fire. I am getting way ahead of myself so let’s move on to this tutorial.

Half Up Crown Braids Half Up Crown Braids

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Tuck and Cover French Braid Half with a Bun is the next Tuck and Cover.

It’s a combination of the Tuck and Cover French Braid and Tuck and Cover Half with an easy bun thrown in.

It is dressed up enough that it would be perfect for a party or even to a wedding yet still casual enough that it can be worn out shopping or even to dinner for date night!

I am literally in love with this hairstyle! It is so easy to do I hope you will give it a try and love it too!

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Braid Wrapped High Bun is the perfect way to spice up a top knot.

I took the basic technique from my Double Bun tutorial and switched out the twists for braids then completed the look with a cute, star cluster headband from ASOS.

For this particular hairstyle you will need a hair donut unless you’re a pro and can create it without one. I bet you could also substitute the bun for a regular messy bun using the hair left out for the braiding. That sounds like another tutorial in itself, though. Maybe I will have to do some practicing for that one.

Braid Wrapped High Bun | MissySue Braid Wrapped High Bun | MissySue Braid Wrapped High Bun | MissySueBraid Wrapped High Bun | MissySue

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Double Waterfall Braid and Fishtail Side Braid is a play off  from Double Headband Waterfall Braids and a more casual version of Double Waterfall Braids and Fishtail Bun. When braids start getting mixed together the titles of these tutorials sure get complicated. Coming up with the names for some of these could be a job in and of itself!
This particular hairstyle features a waterfall braid then a french braid is added into it and all the hair is then braided into a side fishtail braid. There’s a tutorial for this one after the jump.
Waterfall and Fishtail Braids Waterfall and Fishtail Braids Side Fishtail Braid and WaterfallSide Fishtail BraidWaterfall and Fishtail Braids

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