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Recently, I’ve become a fan of navy in a big way. Similarly to how I used to be a big fan of black. When you wear black nearly every day people start to notice so I attempted to widen my clothing choices and naturally gravitated to more navy colored pieces. 
Navy nails are so chic for fall and give such a perfect transition into the colder weather. What do you think of navy nails? Would you sport the look?

I once tutored a high school student who had a job interview right after our tutoring session. She was in a panic because she needed to iron her shirt and didn’t know how to do it. I remember being a little shocked that she was 16 years old and didn’t know how to iron a shirt. I ended up ironing her shirt for her so she could get to her interview on time.
When I purchased this shirt above and saw that it was in desperate need of a hot iron, I thought maybe there was someone out there who would enjoy a small lesson on ironing and ironing pleats no less. Hopefully you find this useful, all you non-ironers out there. 
Unless it’s 90 degrees outside, the steam from the iron is making you sweat, and you feel like a slave in a sweat shop at the hands of a 16 year old boss, ironing can actually be pretty relaxing. 

The color that is. Think of it as a burgundy cousin, or bordeaux’s close friend. I also discovered on this little search for oxblood colored clothing that most, if not all clothes, were actually not labeled as “oxblood” but rather as “dark red,” “bordeaux,” “red vamp,” and “dark merlot” in case you needed a little browsing tip.

1 / Smythe Double Breasted Wool Coat
2 / J Crew Cable Knit Sweater
3 / Citizens of Human Skinny Velvet Pants
4 / Forever21 Satin Button up
5 / Original Tall Hunter Wellies
6 / Topshop Skater Dress
7 / A & F Kaela Vest
8 / Gap Elbow Patch Cardigan
9 / Marc Jacobs Stam Purse

I was recently out shopping with my sister when I noticed her shorts. I mean really noticed them; they looked really good. It wasn’t the style or cut but the actual length of them. In one word they were flattering. Normally, she wears shorter shorts because it’s so hot and she can “pull it off” but the length of these particular shorts looked so clean cut that I started to think about how the length of your shorts can make a big difference in the overall look of your outfit. As a result, I did another “denim discovery.”

I started doing some research and found out that the most flattering fit is when your shorts hit where your leg is the slimmest. This can be a wide area if you have especially long longs or a very short area. I took a picture of my legs and figured out where the most flattering area is on myself.
Hopefully you can see where my legs widen out near the bottom of the black shorts and then begin to narrow. That’s where I depicted for my most flattering fit. Then I went through the motions of trying on all the shorts I could find.
I wear long shorts normally so these shorts are merely used as a representation of “short shorts.”Β They obviously sit in my drawer completely unused, hence the perma creases.
These shorts are a close call to the right length but I feel that they hit right at the bottom of my widest area so they wouldn’t fit in the category.
I feel as though these hit the bar. They cover the widest part and thus create the illusion of a slimmer leg. These are actually the exact shorts I was talking about when I mentioned my sisters shorts earlier.
I think these shorts are also a flattering length. They are within the range but also stop enough above the knee that they still create the illusion of a thinner leg.Β 
The difference between a roll. I wear these shorts quite often but if I want my outfit to look a bit more youthful I’ll roll them up one more time to the 7.5″ mark and it usually does the trick.Β 
Which length do you think is the most flattering?
Boom Boom Jeans found at TJ Maxx
What I learned:
My most flattering inseams are between 5″ and 9″ or as long as 13″. I didn’t like the lengths 10″ or 11″ which ripple right over my knees. I normally wear shorts that are between 9″ and 13,” so I guess if I can keep it at 9″ or 13″ then I’ve got a shot at looking good.
What do you think?
What are your most flattering lengths?