In an attempt to find an excellent coat I came across a new discovery; this coat.
The Double-Cloth Lady Day coat by JCrew.

It would appear that this same coat has come out the last 5 years. The only difference is what color is featured. This year it’s the retro jade. If you’ve got the bucks to spend, this would be a superb investment.

Are you looking for a new coat?

It’s getting cold. To buy a new coat or not? Hmmm.
I have had coats on the brain for a few days now. I literally dream about it at night too. 
So I am wondering, what detailing do you look for when you shop for a coat?

Or an army inspired trench?
What’s your go-to coat? I’d love to hear.
Happy Friday Everyone!
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Do you follow the old adage, “No white after Labor Day?”
Or do you prance with glee at the new turn of the phrase, “Winter Whites?”

What do you think? White jeans after Labor Day or no?

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What’s the secret to staying warm during the cold winter months? Layer, layer, layer.

With the cold weather sneaking up I wanted to do a follow up post from this one and show how to properly layer your clothing for the upcoming crisp, cold, and chilly weather. Here’s a few tips on how to do it like the pros, *ahem, the french women.

1 / Start with a blouse, button down, or basic top

2 / Next, add a cardigan, sweater, or blazer

3 / Then add a scarf

4 / Finish with a coat


You’re now French.
or warm, whichever you prefer.

The one I’ve always had a hard time with is the scarf. One-I never remember to put the darn thing on and two-I never remember to put the darn thing on. I admit, sometimes I do feel silly wearing a scarf but I’m just going to get out of that habit. I did read that french women wear scarves every day and the only times they don’t are when they’re at the beach. This makes sense because the weather in France is usually cold or if it does get warm it’s not for very long.

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