I recently attended a skirt party. It is similar to the Pampered Chef or Mary Kay type parties where you get together with friends, sift through buckets and buckets of maxi skirts, try them on, and then purchase them, right from the comfort of your home [or your friends].
As people arrived and they were directed to the appropriate bins I would watch as different ladies would pull out an assortment of patterns and colors and try them on. Sitting there, I listened to the other women’s opinions of what to wear them with. It became apparent that the easiest thing to pair with each skirt was either a white shirt or one that matched a color featured in the skirt. After hearing this a number of times I wanted the skirts to be more stylish than a simple plain white tee shirt so I began styling each of them in my head, deciding which color or type of top would go with each, adding accessories, then starting over when a new skirt came strutting out of the back room.
Through these mental endeavors I decided to compile a list here of what I think would take a basic maxi skirt from simple to chic.
1 / Accessories
Accessories move any outfit from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Pairing a big, chunky necklace, coordinating belt and bag can make a plain maxi skirt and solid tee look polished and put together. 
2 / Patterns
Mixing patterns can be a tricky feat but there’s one thing that can make it a little easier and that’s matching one color in each piece. Finding a common color in both the top piece and bottom piece helps sync them together even though they may present two different patterns.
3 / Colors
Coordinating colors that go well together can change the look of a basic maxi skirt. Specifically, pairing coral and fuchsia, lilac and pale pink, or hunter green and plum, makes the outfit more modern, intentional, and eye-catching. Monochrome would even work in this case with a bright bag to draw the eye in. 
4 / Texture
Texture, simply explained, is different types of fabric. Pairing a denim vest or leather jacket is one of the easiest ways to upgrade a cotton maxi skirt. If the skirt is made of chiffon or a seemingly fancier material, adding a perfect, cotton tee tones it down to something more daytime appropriate. 
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Details: Skull scarf {similar}, gray tee-shirt (mens), white shorts (cut-off), gray clutch {similar}, Forever 21 bracelets, sunglasses, nude heels {similar}

I have been searching high and low for the perfect skull scarf. I was looking for one with smaller skulls so as not to overwhelm the rest of the outfit while crossing my fingers for a navy blue one too. Turns out it was quite the feat to find but luckily landed right into my lap the other day so of course I threw it on immediately.


Details: White scarf, denim shirt [similar], Skinny jeans, wedges, Coach bag [similar]

These are literally my favorite shoes; the Regina wedge by Jeffrey Campell. I first saw them here and stalked them for months. I would pull them up online and just sit and drool over them wishing I had the guts to open up my wallet and empty it for them. I was amazed when I discovered that an entire year slowly ticked by and I still hadn’t forgotten about their perfect wedge, their soft, suede cutouts. I knew that was the limit; they had to be mine.

I actually bought two previous pairs before I landed on these ones. I had wanted them so desperately that when the first pair I bought cut into my toes I was grief-stricken and threw myself onto the floor. I returned them and reordered another pair, knowing the perfect pair was somewhere out there.

The second box arrived at my door and I strapped them on quickly, taking my first few steps. Suddenly I heard it, the slightest of squeaks as my foot rubbed inside the shoe. Noooo! I couldn’t believe it. I walked all over the house ensuring I had heard what I heard. It was true. They squeaked. Again, I threw myself down onto the floor.

I marched into the store to see what could be done. Low and behold, there was a suede version. I immediately traded the leather pair in my hand for the buttery-soft suede ones. I put them on and smiled when they felt just right, hugging my feet like long lost friends finally reunited; now best friends for life.

Details: A&F top, J.Crew skirt, Franco Sarto heels, Gap necklace, Coach purse {old} (similar)

Being the oldest girl in my family I am constantly reminding myself about my role as the eldest, remembering that I need to be a positive, role model to my younger sisters. Growing up, I had always wished that I had an older sister to help me along the way, show me how to do things, what to avoid, teach me things I sometimes learned on my own or from a friend. Because of this, I strive to be that sister, the one I wished I’d had.

Sister’s are truly a blessing and I am lucky enough to have three of them, Mary, Natalie, and Sarah. I often wonder if I am doing everything I can to help them grow as people. I try and make sure they know I am always available when they need someone to talk to, hoping they’ll confide in me if they feel there isn’t anyone else to turn to. Often times, though, I find myself learning more from them and realize they are here to comfort me just as much as I strive to be a support to them. They are all so wonderful and I love them very, very much. 

The other day, Sarah told me she missed my outfit posts that I used to do when I first started blogging. I stopped doing them after a few months of starting this blog but felt I could throw one in here just for fun; for old time’s sake. So Sarah Sue, this one’s for you baby girl (: