{Sweater: AE / Shirt: Anne Klein / Jeans: AG, Adriano Goldschmied / Booties: Report / Bag: Vintage Coach / Lipstick: Covergirl – Vintage Wine}

I think I wear these booties every day. Okay if not every day then nearly so. They are so comfortable because the heel isn’t extremely high but I still feel put together. I’ve given myself a comfortable range of heel heights that I can bear to wear out shopping, to work, or out on a date. If the heel is too high sometimes I psyche myself out and don’t think I can last more than 5 minutes walking around in them.
I also scored this Coach bag recently and was so excited when I got it. It’s my second Coach bag and am just now learning to appreciate them. I recently found out that my mom has only ever used Coach bags because it’s the only bag she can wear comfortably and still carry her necessary items. I always just thought it was a regular bag. Now I know she is little miss stylish pants when it comes to her bags and I think that’s totally awesome.
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{Shirt: Anne Klein / Vest: Macys / Leggings: F21 / Booties: Bandolino / Lipstick: The Red by Sephora}
I scored some new booties while out shopping and was more than happy to snatch them up before I could change my mind.   My thoughts are already on spring and yet we are just starting to see the snow piling up.
We got back late last night from St. George to find snow covering our driveway again. It’s weird to think that the climate can go from below freezing with snow everywhere to not a drop of moisture and 50 degree weather within a few hours. We literally just lounged around in Saint George the entire weekend and slept-in to our hearts content. It was wonderful just being able to relax and spend time with my brother, wifey, and the cub.

How was your weekend?


I’ve decided that I would really enjoy a black turtleneck. I have not been able to push this beast of a black turtleneck out of my little mind with it’s tres chicness and slenderizing profile. This brings me to my next question. Where to get said sweater of darkness, with dual neck choking and warmth enabling capabilities?

Onto the researching.

JCPenney – $9.99
Target – $13.98
Gap – $13.99
J.Crew – $14.99
Landsend – $19.99
Old Navy – $24.99
Chicos – $29.50
White House Black Market – $29.99
Ann Taylor – $39.99
Travel Country – $43.96
Saks Fifth Avenue – $55.00
Ann Taylor – $59.99
Neiman Marcus – $100


Night Out
Spring Allure

While we were out shopping I realized that AJ calls anything with height a “heel.” So I started explaining the differences between pumps, booties, and wedges. It’s truly amazing how many different terms we’ve come up with for shoes.

What do you think of nude pumps? Would you wear them?

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I literally walked upstairs in this outfit laughing so hard because these jeans are too big. They’re a whole size too big and I can pull them clean off without unbuttoning them. I even safety pinned the hems back so they’d be tighter around my ankles. I wore them because her jeans look baggy and I couldn’t find baggy jeans without going up a size. Is that weird?

I do love this shirt. It’s Diesel from Downeast and thought I’d hit the jackpot when I bought it. I realize my lighting is so horrendous you can’t even see the details but it buttons up the front and has a tie around the waste. It was the closest thing I owned to her lovely tie shirt. These boots are Steve Madden ankle boots and I love them. I don’t wear them often enough so I thought I’d throw them in here.

Next time I’ll take my pics in the morning so hopefully the detailing will be easier to see.

Opinions? Would you copy this outfit?