With colder weather upon us it’s customary to stay inside and do more activities indoors. One tradition that is a favorite of mine involves sitting near a roaring fire, sipping hot chocolate, and snuggling up to a good movie. The Sandlot is one in particular that my family would watch around this time of year and I am always reminded of it when Fall rolls around.

In the movie, a loose baseball soars across the fence into a forbidden, neighbors yard and the team must group together to retrieve it. Their ideas in the following scenes are inventive and thrilling and it is easy to see their teamwork to reclaim something they love.

Going through life we encounter many curve balls. They require hard work and are tough to experience. Luckily, the friendships we make along the way make the journey more enjoyable to endure. We all work together, day in and day out, to land where we’re going. It may be subtle and slight but teamwork is always there. Holding the elevator for a person running late, sparing a few pennies when someone is short, or holding the door for that person behind us, is part courtesy, part kindness, but either way, it is team work. We all encounter loose, curve balls but when we build friendships and work as a team it becomes a sweeter victory the next time that home run sails over the fence.
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A great way to welcome in Autumn is visiting a local pumpkin patch and picking out a few. The rich orange hues and even the bright whites are a welcome sight on your porch and around your home when the notions of drearier days are on the horizon. Placing pumpkins around your house can bring a cheer and newness to your original decor and great for carving up later on. Even if you’re not one for carving, there are myriads of projects to displaying pumpkins sans goopy mess; using ribbon, stickers, paint, and more are new, creatives ways to display your pumpkins.

If you have never been one for Fall decor, try picking up one baby pumpkin and placing it on a dresser, nightstand, or coffee table and just maybe decide you need a few more.
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With thoughts of Summer comes memories of days at the lake, succulent barbecues, casual picnics, and long days with friends. Summer is a glorious season where we can enjoy the warmth and be grateful for the heat after a cold winter. It is always sad to see summer end and Fall begin and now that October is upon us its that time again to say so long to sweet summer.

Even though darker hues and jewel-tones are quickly filling up the racks and shelves I wanted to express my appreciation for the color mint as we welcome in Autumn. It is such a wonderfully, cheerful color that fits perfectly during the emergence of Spring and brightness of Summer. Yet, it should still be enjoyed during the cooler months by tossing on a sweatshirt or layering with a blazer. I plan to embrace the color through every season and hope you feel inspired to do the same.
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Rolling your sleeves might be something you do nearly every day. It can get old and boring really quickly but J.Crew has got a great way to style them so they’re slightly disheveled but different from all the other sleeves out there.

AJ loves the look and always asks me to roll up his sleeves before work or when we’re going out on a date. It makes him look polished and put-together so I am always happy to help.

How To: J.Crew Look

1 / Begin by unbuttoning the sleeve.
2 / Bring the cuff up just past your elbow.
3 / Then fold the remaining part of the sleeve up to the elbow, covering half of the cuff.
4 / Now push the sleeve up so it’s completely above your elbow for that slightly scrunched look.

Easy! Now you’ve got an effortlessly cuffed sleeve to try with all your button-ups this Fall!