1 / Arrange and store your clothing by color. This makes it easier to find certain items
2 / Use an old bookcase in your closet to store your shoes, freeing up floor space for taller items like boots
3 / Use a shoe organizer on your closet door to hold smaller shoes like flats and flip flops
4 / Use glass jars to separate your make up brushes by face brush vs. eye brush [both these jars were thrifted]
5 / Use clear plastic containers with drawers to organize small items like hair things and makeup. Using clear drawers makes it easier to see what’s in each drawer.
6 / Use a small file folder organizer to hold your makeup palettes [found in office supply at walmart]
7 / Use a craft/bead storage box to hold small items like bobby pins, elastics, and hair clips.
What do you use to stay organized?

I’ve always enjoyed the Autumn season when the weather cools off and leaves cover the roads. Decorating for the occasion can be a lot of fun but expensive at the same time. I recently found this candle in a cupboard I was cleaning and didn’t want to leave it collecting dust, hidden away on a top shelf.  I rummaged around and found an old glass vase, some expired popcorn kernels and some twine from a previous project to use for an easy and relatively inexpensive way to decorate my tabletop in commemoration of Fall.

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We’re all moved in! We’re not all unpacked but we got everything shoved into our little apartment. My gosh it was so much work. I never knew moving could be so hard. I have sore muscles in places I didn’t even know I had muscles. We quickily realized all the things we don’t have yet like a couch or table and chairs so we spent a lot of time sitting on the floor. It’s amazing how different you can feel starting over with a new routine. This morning walking into work I felt like I hadn’t been here in weeks. I guess that’s growing up. Here’s to new neighbors, new noises, empty cupboards, and camping chairs.