Quote of the Day:

AJ: “What are you hungry formexican?”
Me: “I love me some mexican.”
AJ: “You know you’re brown on the inside right?”
Me: “I’m full of beans.”


I saw this randomly somewhere I’m sure but had the idea to do it a few days ago. I think it turned out fairly decently. Originally I had wanted to use white but I found silver in the garage. I ran out near the end but with the little brown that peeks through I think it gives it a little more dimension than if they were all one color.


Now you’ve got cute invitations to send out to your friends!
Happy Haunting!

 Fill your machine with enough water to cover the article completely.
Use the hottest allowable temperature  for your fabric.
Completely wet your clothes in the hottest allowable water.
Add 1 cup of salt to the water
Add your dye and agitate to mix.
Add your unfolded, unbunched clothing
Mix your clothing into the dye bath.
Let your clothing soak for half an hour, agitating throughout.
After 30 minutes, the water should darken to the proper shade.
Run the clothing through a normal wash cycle.
Thoroughly rinse the article of clothing
Wash the article as usual
Finished product. 
This is not nearly as dark as I’d hope it would turn out so I bought a new black dye to retry it.
Repeated the entire process again.
Still not the color I want. Giving up.
NOTE!: Once you finish dying your clothes, immediately run your washing machine, completely empty,through a normal wash cycle adding 1 cup of bleach to clean out any left over color residue.
What I Learned:
For some reason every time I dye a piece of clothing it turns out purple. So weird.
Anyways, I don’t think dying my own clothes is worth the time or money. 
This whole process takes forever and the finished product looks old and worn out. The color is faded and didn’t end up as dark as I had hoped. I rinsed this coat about 5 times after each time because color would keep bleeding out.
Uneven color 
Purple color despite Navy dye and Black dye
Time consuming
Old, faded look afterwards
Constant rinsing
I think to get a dark navy color, I’d have to dye this jacket at least two more times and I just don’t think it’s worth it.
Have you ever dyed something at home? Did it work for you? What were your tricks?

Happy Haunting!