I saw a really cute Valentine’s day wreath on Etsy a little while back and the longer I stared at it the more I convinced myself that I could make it myself. Voila! Now you can make one too!
I bought the ribbon at walmart and the wreath and little hearts at the dollar store.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I was in the store buying this professional remover I just sat and stared at the bottle forever. It was $2.19 and I kept thinking, “I don’t want to pay that much for a bottle of stuff I’m never going to use again.” But then I realized somethingif I went into a salon to have these nails removed they would’ve charge me $10 or more! So I strutted out of that store with a huge grin thinking “I only paid $3 and I got a whole bottle of it.”
I wish I’d found this nail polish remover first. It’s a non-acetone formula which would be healthier on your nails. Though I recently found these gel nail wraps from Sally’s which a friend says work great too.