Cascading Waterfall Side Braid


Split Side Braid


Double Dutch Merged Side Braid


Dutch Mermaid Side Braid


Merged Side Braid


Mohawk French Braid Updo


Dutch Mermaid Side Braid

Insta-lately is something I haven’t done in quite some time. My instagram has completely changed since changing my blog name to Missy Sue but I still wanted to get back to the basics and share some of my favorite pics from instagram. These hairstyles were a little more loose or creative than my usual tutorials and usually transpire from just playing around. I think a few of these need tutorials but let me know if you agree. I’d love to revamp my style and be a little more creative from here on out.

Leather Jacket Maternity Style Dutch Headband Braid Pregnancy Fashion Headband Braid

HAIR: Dutch Headband Braid | LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Rihanna’ | SCARF: ASOS | JACKET: H&M | SWEATER: A&F – similar | LEGGINGS: Nordstrom| SHOES: J.Crew

Leather Leather Photography: JessaKae

Dressing a bump can be fun at times but other moments call for something a little bit more comfortable yet chic. Faux leather leggings are super cozy and half the time you forget you’re even wearing pants. I’ve had a good run with my maternity jeans but they tend to fit baggier after a few hours. When clothes fit snug or fitted it’s easier to feel comfortable in your own skin, pregnant or not.

This pregnancy has flown by for me. When it first began it felt like this little bun would never get here; 40 weeks is a long time. Now it’s almost done and I really don’t feel any more ready than the day I saw the double pink lines. Reading your comments and hearing your input has been really great and I am sure the day he comes will be the best day of my life.