Yummy Spring Citrus Juice
[makes 1 large or 2 small]

3 apples, cut and cored
3 oranges, peeled
2 lemons, peeled
2 large grapefruit, peeled
4 carrots, peeled

Put each fruit one by one into your juicer. Once all the fruit is juiced, pour it into a large cup or mason jar, stir and enjoy!
*I use the Breville Multi-Speed Juicer.

I love this trend because I think strappy sandals especially with a heel are so beautiful and feminine. If I could work my feet up to it I’d fill my closet and wear them all day every day. Come to think of it, my sandals are all still packed away. I should dig those out and dust them off because warmer weather is right around the corner. What about you; do you like this trend?

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It’s finals week around here but what makes it really special is that it’s AJ’s last finals week. Three more tests and he’s officially a graduate. With a Bachelors degree in Aviation Administration he’s one step closer to becoming a professional pilot. He’s planning on finishing his instrument rating this summer and then we’ll see what happens after that. It took me a while but I’ve finally learned to be patient when it comes to his career plans and to take future plans with a boulder-sized grain of salt. I’m proud of him nonetheless. This is a big accomplishment and I’m so happy he’s studying what he loves and will have a career that he’s passionate about the rest of his life.

In other news, my mom and my sister are coming this week. They’ll be here for two weeks to help celebrate birthdays and a few graduations. Then my mom will be back off to England again for the last run of their stay there while my sister will head off to a summer job in the Midwest. We’ve been cleaning the house in anticipation of their stay and have already begun yard work outside since the weather has been delightfully warm the last few days.

I’m excited for summer but with it comes a lot of new changes. We’ll be moving again and with AJ finishing school that will begin a whole new round of tests and applications in pursuit of his future plans. I’ll be getting a new boss or two with the new “year” starting the beginning of August and we’ll be taking a few vacations in between. I am always anxious for the changes because it gives me something to look forward to but I know they’ll come and go in the blink of an eye. I’ve realized recently that when we’re young we can’t wait to grow up so time seems to slide past at a nails pace but now that I’m an adult it flies past with barely a glimpse. I guess I better live it to it’s fullest while I still can.

So you want long hair?

Psh, nouh, yeah, yes.

1. Take your vitamins & eat a healthy diet – Many people don’t receive the proper vitamins and nutrients that their hair needs to grow healthy and strong. A good supplement like Hair, Skin and Nails will help supply you with the nutrients missing from your diet.

2. Go easy on the styling tools – Using heat on your hair is very damaging. Try to abstain from straightening or blow drying your hair every day if possible. It can also be wise to spend a little extra money on quality hair tools that won’t damage your hair as much.

3. Do a monthly mask – Or as often as twice a week to give your hair some nourishment. Apply a leave-in conditioner after you jump out of the shower. Use heat protecting sprays whenever you are using styling tools. Some good suggestions are Fekkai Damage Protecting Hair Mask, Matrix Sleek Blow Down Leave-in Cream, Pureology Fortifying Heat Spray.

4. Get regular trims – I never quite understood why this was important until I saw this. Trims help get rid of hair that is splitting at the end. Trimming those off keep the hair healthy and reduces the likelihood that you’ll have to cut off far more later on down the road.

5. Avoid bleaching your hair – Dying your hair a darker shade can be nourishing for your hair but bleach strips your hair of its color and weakens it.  If you’re a blonde at heart, go lighter slowly over the course of a few months to avoid too much breakage.

6. Go natural – The best way to have gorgeous, healthy hair is to leave it alone. Try to abstain from flat ironing your hair every day and changing the color say from light to dark to light. Ever notice that little girlies always have silky, smooth hair? They’re too young to curl it, dye it, straighten it, everything. That’s the kind of hair we want, right? Lastly, it’s also wise to avoid any hairstyles that are too tight or elastics that tangle easily.

Good Luck!
Imma need it.