Today, for day 11 of the challenge, we’re assigned to sell ourselves in 10 words or less.

It’s actually a whole lot harder than it sounds. Ten words? I really really don’t want to do this but okay, let’s make it into a game. Selling each aspect of my life in ten words or less

Calendaring, travel, correspondence, files, mission tours, stake conferences

8 years, 5th grade through Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Makeup, hair, baking, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, photography

Degree in HR, 2 years experience, orientation, benefits, payroll, PTO

Violin, 8 years, private lessons, orchestra, scholarship, piano, 6 years

Extremely organized, perfectionist, strong, independent, ambitious, daredevil, introvert

I think that’s good.

This is a great recipe for a do-it-yourself salt spray for those beautiful beach waves. Just spray it onto damp hair. Then braid into two braids and let sit until it dries. Let out the braids and comb through with your fingers for that beach day look. I halved the original recipe since my bottle wasn’t 8 oz.

For an 8 ounce bottle:
Add 1 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp of coconut oil, and 1 tsp of hair gel. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake to disburse evenly.

1. Start at the roots.
Detangle freshly washed hair with your fingers and apply a styling paste or water-based pomade into your roots. Massage it into your scalp like a head massage but steer clear of the middle or ends. Then, pointing the nozzle of a hair dryer directly down on them, blow-dry only your roots while finger combing them.

2. Next, rub a leave-in conditioner or styling cream between your hands and run them through the middle of your hair, try Bumble and Bumble Leave-In conditioner. Divide your hair into two sections and twist them into two buns. Blast them with the blow-dryer until they’re about 80% dry. Then twist them the other direction and repeat.

3. When your hair is completely dry, wrap sections around a 1-in curling iron on medium heat, leaving out the ends. If the curling iron is too hot you’ll create spirals. Alternate the curls towards your face and away from your face then hold each piece for a few seconds before releasing.

4.  Lastly, spritz a salt spray on your hands and run them over the curls; don’t scrunch. Try Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. If you have thick hair, use a smoothing serum instead.

Yay for summer!

I want this to be a really good one. Yet, the only ones I can think of are wildly inappropriate or I wasn’t even embarrassed, or I’ve never ever told a soul and wouldn’t still

Okay okay, this one counts because it happened in Junior High school which is pretty good since elementary stuff is for wimps.

A group of us walked to the trash cans after finishing our lunches to throw away our trays. When the girl opposite me dropped hers into the garbage the potatoes and gravy leftover on her plate ricocheted up and landed all over my shirt. White creamy potatoes and brown, beef gravy smeared all over my baby blue shirt. I literally stood there paralyzed. “Did this really just happen?” “Is anyone looking?” “Everyone’s looking.” The girl started laughing right away and I didn’t know what to do. I think she saw my surprise because then she started apologizing and I knew that it was only an accident so I told her it was no big deal. I quickly turned and hauled out of there heading straight for the bathroom. Luckily I had a sweater tied around my waist (so swag) and changed out my shirt and into the clean one. Then rinsed the shirt out in the sink before hanging it in my locker to dry and never ate lunch with that girl again. Hahaha, jk. No harm, no foul.