Lioness Halloween Makeup

If you recently saw my Lioness Halloween Hairstyle then today I’m excited to be sharing the makeup from that video.

I used a bunch of different shades to achieve this makeup look so if you’re new to makeup you could easily use one eyeshadow and finish with the liner.  I think the real effect is bringing the black liner in towards the nose on the lower lash line along with the detailing around the nose and mouth.

Even if you don’t plan to dress up for Halloween, I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Thank you so much for watching! xoxo, Missy

Lioness Halloween Makeup Supplies:

Lioness Halloween Makeup Instructions:

  • Step 1 / From the Urban Decay Born to Run palette, apply the shade Weekender (a light beige color) throughout the crease with a blending brush.
  • Step 2 / Apply the shade Riff (a light orange/brown color) with a pencil brush to deepen up the crease color a little more.
  • Step 3 / Apply the shade Good as Gone (a medium brown color) in the crease, a little lower than Riff. Then blend it out with a blending brush.
  • Step 4 / Use the shade Punk (a deep maroon color) to deepen up the color a little more, focusing on the outer v and then blend it out.
  • Step 5 / Apply the shade Breakaway (cream color with shimmer) all over the lid with an eyeshadow brush.
  • Step 6 / Then add a tiny big of Ignite (shimmer bronze color) in the crease.
  • Step 7 / Line the lash line with a black gel liner.
  • Step 8 / Then use a liquid liner to create a wing.
  • Step 9 / Now apply some of the Good as Gone (medium brown) shade along the lower lash line.
  • Step 10 / Using a white eye liner pencil, apply this to the inner corner.
  • Step 11 / Then create a diagonal line with the dark brown shade, from the lower lash line down towards the nose, to accentuate the lion eyes.
  • Step 12 / Then define the line with some of the gel liner.
  • Step 13 / Apply a few coats of mascara; then apply some false eyelashes.
  • Step 14 / Using a bronzer, contour the sides of the nose with a blending brush.
  • Step 15 / Using a dark brown eyeshadow, apply this to the top of the forehead, under the cheekbones and down the sides of the neck.
  • Step 16 / Use a black gel liner to fill in the tip of the nose.
  • Step 17 / Then draw a straight line from the nose down to the top lip.
  • Step 18 / Fill in the top lip with the liner and extend the line out on the outer edges.
  • Step 19 / Create little dots above the top lip, under the nose.
  • Step 20 / Apply some powder to the bottom lip to hide the red color.

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