Galaxy Girl Makeup

Here’s the makeup tutorial for the Galaxy Girl Glitter Buns that I recently posted.

I thought this makeup would be hard to recreate but it’s actually pretty simple if you take the time to blend it all out. The most difficult part was gluing the glitter to my skin because it kind of clumped up so I highly recommend using white paint or eyeliner to draw on the constellations.

Also, I wish I’d used some temporary pink or blue hair dye so consider that as an option if you decide to recreate this costume! Happy Haunting! Thank you so much for watching! xoxo, Missy

Galaxy Girl Makeup Supplies:

Galaxy Girl Makeup Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Using the the Charlotte Tillbury eyeshadow pencil in champagne diamonds, place this all of the lids and up into the crease.
  • Step 2 / Take a light pink shimmer shade and place this throughout the crease on the right eye and all over the lid on the left eye.
  • Step 3 / Now apply the same shade around the top of the bridge of the nose and then all over the tip of the nose.
  • Step 4 / Then apply the shadow all over both of the cheeks and up to the right temple.
  • Step 5 / Now take a hot pink shimmer shade and apply this under the cheekbones, along the edges of the light pink shade.
  • Step 6 / Then apply it in the right temple, in the crease on the right eye, along the sides of the top of the bridge of the nose and along the edges of the forehead on the right side.
  • Step 7 / Then place the shade on the left eyelid and at the tip of the nose above the nostrils.
  • Step 8 / Next, take a light blue shimmer eyeshadow and place this in the crease of the left eye.
  • Step 9 / Then place the shade on the center of the nose between the two pink shades.
  • Step 10 / Bring the color under the right eye spreading it up to the right eye and down to the pink on the cheek.
  • Step 11 / Then place it on the left eye.
  • Step 12 / Grab a dark blue shimmer eyeshadow and begin deepening up the color, starting on the left cheekbone.
  • Step 13 / Bring the shade into the left temple and spread it up to the edges of the forehead on the left side.
  • Step 14 / Line the lash lines with a black liquid eyeliner.
  • Step 15 / Apply a few coats of mascara and then apply some false eyelashes.
  • Step 16 / Using a white face paint, apply a few start constellations with a thin eyeshadow brush.
  • Step 17 / Use eyelash glue to place a few dots of glue throughout the blue eyeshadow.
  • Step 18 / Tap glitter over the glue with an eyeshadow brush.
  • Step 19 / Line the lips with MAC ‘In Anticipation’ lip liner.
  • Step 20 / Apply MAC ‘Please Me’ lipstick over the lip liner.

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