Criss Cross Wrapped Bun


The Criss Cross Wrapped Updo is a more formal hairstyle that is so fun to recreate. It looks tricky with all the sweeping, wrapped sections but I promise you will love the technique behind this hairstyle. It’s a… little different that other tutorials on Missy Sue but change is always good, right? Not to mention, the tutorial is short and sweet and if anything, simply fun to watch!

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Criss Cross Wrapped Bun Supplies:


Criss Cross Wrapped Bun Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Begin by creating two vertical parts down the back of the head to create aย middle section.
  • Step 2 / Pin the forward portions out of the way with hair sectioning clips.
  • Step 3 / Braid the center, middle section into a french braid, tying it off at the nape of the neck with an elastic band.
  • Step 4 / Let down the side sections, then pick up a 1″ section of hair on the right side, above the ear.
  • Step 5 / Wrap the section around the back of the head and folding it under when it reaches the left side of the french braid. It should create a sort of half loop with one part on top of the other.
  • Step 6 / Pin down the section underneath the fold and along the sides of the fold to secure it, using the french braid as an anchor.
  • Step 7 / Pick up a similar sized section on the left side and wrap it around the back of the head, underneath the previous section.
  • Step 8 / Create a second fold or “bend” in the hair, securing it with bobby pins.
  • Step 9 / Continue alternating between the left and right side, stacking the hair underneath the previous section until it reaches the nape of the neck.
  • Step 10 / Take the remaining hair at twist it all together.
  • Step 11 / Wrap it clock-wise into a bun and secure the edges with several bobby pins.
  • Step 12 / Spray the style with a firm-hold hairspray to set it in place.

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