Back to School Makeup

Back to School Makeup

This time of the year when it’s back to school can be disheartening and sad, or exhilarating and exciting. It’s a new time of the year, fall is right around the corner, but that also means summer is ending and homework is about to bury you in heaps and bounds. I am done with school but there are times when I still miss those college days.

With the school year approaching, now is a great time to step up your makeup game. I love wearing a casual everyday look every single day but trying a new shade of pink lipstick or adding a shimmer to those lids can really give your look a boost and make you feel like a new woman. This change in the season is the perfect time and I hope this makeup look with give you some inspiration!

Back to School Makeup

Back to School Makeup Products Used:

Makeup Brushes

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