Summer Makeup Tutorial


This makeup look is perfect for Summer because it is super quick and easy to do. It only requires 8 products and really only 7 since I decided to add in some eyeliner at the very end. I think you could even leave out the powder and concealer and swap the lipstick for lip balm if you really wanted to scale back even more. I didn’t do anything with my brows because I dye them every month. I do it myself and have an old tutorial, here, if you want to see how I do it.

You seriously won’t believe how fast this makeup tutorial is done. Of course, I don’t go into great detail since most of it is just where the makeup is applied. I admit I am a slight makeup junkie and love wearing makeup. Putting it on in the morning is almost relaxing and definitely “me” time while Cohen is taking his morning nap. If you love this tutorial be sure to give the video is a thumbs up on YouTube (here) but let me know if you like to slower, more in-depth makeup tutorials! Ciao!

Summer Makeup Tutorial




  1. July 16, 2015 / 1:53 PM

    Oww this amazing video helps me to do my make up in summer in a very short time. I became astonished to see how could she done this!!. By the way today I tried the tutorial and could do it successfully .But I really need the party make up tutorial like this in a very short time . Could you please upload a tutorial..Thank you.

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