10 Lipsticks for Spring


Lipstick changed the game for me. Nearly everyday I apply a full-face of everything- base, contouring & highlighting, blush, the works. Skip over the lipstick and you have seriously committed one of the worst cardinal beauty sins. Lipstick lights up the face. Whether you apply a creamy nude, punchy pink, or deep red, lipstick adds that highlight that really takes your look to the next level.

Below I share ten of my current favorite lipsticks, call it my 10 Lipsticks for Spring Guide. Whether you wear the same shade everyday or have never touched a lipstick in your life, I hope this helps you discover something new and fun to try this Spring.


  • Milani ‘High Voltage’ – Milani does everything right when it comes to their lipsticks. This bold red shade is one of my favorites because it gives a pop of color, is super slick in application, and doesn’t stain the lips after it’s removed.
  • NARS ‘Heat Wave’ – This orange-y red shade is a must-have in every girl’s beauty arsenal. No seriously. This is one of my favorite lipsticks because it isn’t just red but doesn’t scream orange either. Not only that but it is a super flattering shade especially if you love to wear a bright lip.

hot-pinks-spring-lipstick-guideHOT PINKS

  • Wet ‘n Wild ‘Don’t Blink Pink’ – This lipstick is definitely a must-have because of it’s affordable price. At only $1.99 it’s hard to go wrong with Wet ‘n Wild lipsticks. This particular color is a bold pink and perfect for Spring and Summer. I love it because it is a matte finish and doesn’t smear all over the place.
  • NARS ‘Carthage’ – Oh yes, one of my all time favorite hot pinks. Let’s get real. This is just a fun shade to have on hand. I love throwing it on when I feel like amping up my look and want to feel especially put together.
  • Revlon ‘Fuchsia Fusion’ – A deeper pink than the others, this shade is especially pretty on deeper/tanner skin. It offers a smooth shiny finish and can jazz up an otherwise “no makeup, makeup” look.


  • Revlon ‘Coral Berry’ – A more affordable version of the MAC lipstick but super close in shade and consistency. I purchased this last Spring and have definitely loved it as a more neutral shade. It has a soft, shiny finish and more sheer consistency.
  • MAC ‘Coral Bliss’Β – This is a newer purchase and I love the way it complements my skintone. I had originally been searching for a more peachy nude when this landed in my hand. It quickly became a daily favorite and adds a punch of color when a straight nude just doesn’t cut it.

Spring Lipstick GuideSOFT PINKS

  • L’Oreal ‘Peach Fuzz’ – I like to think of this as the more affordable ‘Peach Blossom.’ It runs on the peach side which I personally prefer when it comes to my nude lipsticks. I am not a huge fan of the smell but love the color payoff. Apply it with a peachy blush and you will never look back.
  • MAC ‘Peach Blossom’ – Obviously this is one of my go-to lipsticks as seen from the picture above. This is my favorite “nude” lipstick because it still looks very neutral without giving me the dead ghost lips.
  • NYX ‘Harmonica’ – Definitely a fun lipstick to have because of it’s barbie pink shade. I don’t wear this lipstick too often because it makes me look a little washed out but applied with NARS Turkish Delight and it’s without a doubt that perfectly pink shade for Spring.

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