Dutch Fishtail Ponytail

Dutch Fishtail Ponytail
Dutch Fishtail Ponytail
Dutch Fishtail Ponytail

Dutch Fishtail Ponytail Tutorial



  • Step 1 / Start by spraying the roots with Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo, then run your fingers through the hair to mix it in.
  • Step 2 / Separate off a portion of hair using a teasing brush, at the left corner of the forehead, and clip off the top portion with duck-bill clips.
  • Step 3 / Create a second part, at the end of the first part, down the back of the head and tie off the hair on the right side.
  • Step 4 / Pick up a section of hair near the part, divide it into two halves and cross a small section from the top half underneath the strands and add it into the opposite side.
  • Step 5 / Take a small section from the front half, cross it underneath and add it into the back half.
  • Step 6 / Repeat steps 4 and 5 crossing sections under but also add in sections of hair crossing them under as well to create the dutch braided style.
  • Step 7 / When the braid reaches the back of the left ear then continue braiding the hair in a regular fishtail braid.
  • Step 8 / Tie off the end of the braid and go back gently pulling on the edges of the braid to make it bigger.
  • Step 9 / Now sweep all the hair up into a ponytail at the center of the back of the head.
  • Step 10 / Pick up the braid, adding it into the ponytail, and tie it all together with a hair elastic.
  • Step 11 / Take a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic, and secure it underneath with a hair pin.
  • Step 12 / Smooth down any flyaways with hairspray and mist the hair to set the style.


  1. Calista
    May 16, 2015 / 8:21 AM

    Legit wearing this right now!

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