10 New Baby Essentials


10 New Baby Essentials

  1. Baby Bottles // Whether you are breast feeding/pumping or formula feeding, baby bottles are an absolute must. This really goes without saying. I’m sure not all bottles are created equal but I’ve really liked ours so far.
  2. Bottle Warmer // This has been an absolute dream to have. We didn’t get a bottle warmer for the first week or so and heating up water in the microwave then waiting for the bottle itself to warm up felt like forever when Cohen was having a melt down. Bottle warmers are super fast and ultra convenient; especially at 4 AM.
  3. Bottle Drying Rack // This is really convenient to have because bottles in a regular drying rack tip over and the nipple lids always seem to slide out onto the counter. This really makes keeping all the supplies in one place super nice.
  4. Soothie // Cohen is actually not a really big fan of these yet. He acts like they’re a decoy for a bottle, which I guess they are but they are convenient when he randomly wakes up mid-nap and we can slide one in his mouth to help him fall back asleep.
  5. Desitin // Recently he had a red spot and this stuff cleared it right up. It wasn’t terrible but he acted a little more upset than usual when we’d change him so this was really nice to have on hand.
  6. Shout Stain Spray // This has been a laundry lifesaver! Who even knew? I sure didn’t but received some at a shower and after Cohen’s first explosion, this stuff got the stain right out as if it never happened.
  7. Sound Spa Machine // I purchased this on a recommendation and am not quite sure how helpful it really is for Cohen but I personally have come to love it. I switch it to  the rain setting and find it so soothing that I actually sleep better with it on.
  8. Baby Swing // A few friends told me right off the bat to get a swing and it has been really nice to help calm him down when he gets really fussy.
  9. Car Seat // This kind of goes without saying too but I love our carseat because the base straps into the car and then his carrier just clicks into the top. It’s nice putting him in because it’s really fast and there’s no searching for a strap or belt.
  10. Baby Carrier // I have actually been dying to get an ergobaby carrier. I have a few different kinds but there was such a fuss about babies sitting in a natural position so I knew I’d have to splurge for one of these. I actually saw a girl in Target wearing one and randomly asked her how she liked it. Of course, she gave it a glowing recommendation so that sealed the deal.


  1. Terri
    February 26, 2015 / 12:37 PM

    Diaper rash is the worst, my little babies have gotten it off/on a few times, and when it is bad it is bad and you feel so bad for them! A hint my Aunt gave me (she is a registered nurse on a pediatric floor :) ) put a barrier on before the diaper cream, like auqaflor, vaseline or Neosporin or something like that, and then the diaper cream. Otherwise she said the diaper cream traps it so much the skin cannot heal as quickly. And I tried that on some after and found she was 100% right, it cleared more quickly, cleaning of the diaper cream between changings was much easier and there was much more happiness! Congrats!

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